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The Global Enlightement Network is for Everyone 

We provide tools for expanding, developing, and regulating your energy system so you can get ‘online’ this worldwide telepathic web.  Then you can use the network for self-development, entertainment, spiritual connection and activism.

Anyone can benefit from these tools -no previous ‘energy’ experience is necessary.  The Enlightenment Network is truly a communications network for the 100%!  People from all walks of life are using it to improve themselves and the world around them:

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Livestreaming Consciousness 24/7

Global Enlightenment Network is not a cult or belief system, and does not have a leader.  Anyone can use it, and you do not have to ‘join‘ anything in order to enjoy the benefits that this growing network offers.

We welcome you to use this telepathic communications network for personal and global transformation.  Bring heart-centered frequencies to the core of local, national and global policy in a safe and effective way.

Critical tools for easing strain

In our current culture of rapid change and awakening human consciousness, there is a subliminal consistent strain on our bodies and psyches.  GEN is creating critical tools for easing this strain and facilitating the integration of our human evolution.

When I practice the exercises, I am enveloped by a sweet and slow movement of time.  The anxiety at the center of my solar plexus recedes and a feeling of contentment lasts for a good long while.  My awareness of being alive is heightened.  It becomes easier to touch the possibility and understanding of this multi-dimensional universe that we exist within.  Thank you.

Evonn Reiersen, Florida, USA

Evonn Reiersen - GEN

A spiritual practice & a relaxation tool

GEN has become an integral part of my daily life:  a spiritual practice, a relaxation tool and an empowering way to make a difference in the world.  The processes are relaxing, fun and entertaining.  They connect me to my inner wisdom when I have questions and uncertainties.  I use the process to get back in alignment with my flow, and to “log on” and telepathically communicate healing and love wherever it is needed.  Then I know the universe is taking care of it!  GEN offers effective, empowering tools for the awakening of human consciousness and they are taught in a clear, step by step processes.

Kindy Kaur, Nottingham, England

Kindy Kaur - GEN

I had a 'global brain picture'

Dear GEN participants and those taking part in the wonder-full light body activation broadcasts,

I had a lot of sensations during the GEN exercises – too much to put them into words.  My feeling now is really expanded … and this expanding movement still goes on.  I had a “global brain picture” of everybody sitting in a circle around a light-spine-column, connected to it – like being some part of group-chakra.  And I had also a picture of being connected to the soul star with a umbilical cord made of light.  Wishing you a beautiful day!

David Imhoof, Zurich, Switzerland

David Imhoof, shiatsu shin tai