Communication. Spiritual connection. Social & political activism.

Global Enlightenment Network (GEN) is a telepathic communications network that can be used for self-development, spiritual connection, activism and entertainment. Participants bring heart-centered frequencies to the core of local, national and global policy in a safe and effective way while enhancing personal health, strength, and creativity.

How does GEN work?

Global Enlightenment Network is a frequency band that transmits information, thoughts, images & impressions. We have created unique processes that enable people to expand, develop and regulate their energy system so that they can consciously get ‘online’ this worldwide telepathic web. It can then be utilized for communication, learning, spiritual connection, and the transformation of human consciousness.


Why use GEN?

Save time & energy by utilizing the expanded frequencies of this vibrational network. Unlike the digital technology of the internet, GEN is aligned with our biology, so being on this evolutionary communications platform enhances health.

People from all walks of life are using GEN to improve themselves and the world around them....


"GEN has become an integral part of my daily life: a spiritual practice, a relaxation tool and an empowering way to make a difference in the world. I use the processes to get back in alignment with my flow and telepathically communicate healing and love wherever it is needed."

Kindy Kaur, England


I had a lot of sensations during the GEN exercises. I felt very expanded. I had a global brain picture of everyone connected like a group chakra, and also a picture of being connected to the soul star with a umbilical cord made of light."

David Imhoof, Switzerland


"In our culture of awakening human consciousness, there is a subliminal strain on our bodies & psyches. GEN is creating tools for easing this strain and facilitating our human evolution. When I practice the exercises, my awareness of being alive is heightened."

Evonn Reiersen, USA