Who is GEN?

Global Enlightenment Network (GEN) is a telepathic communications network for awakening people to promote the transformation of personal & planetary consciousness. Everyone that chooses to operate on this frequency band is part of its ongoing creation and activity. 

Who identified GEN?

The concept and manifestation of GEN has been in development over the last 25 years by Saul Goodman. Saul is the founder and former director of the International School of Shiatsu, and the present director of Shin Tai International. Saul has taught his unique form of therapeutic bodywork (Shiatsu Shin Tai) throughout the United States and Europe for almost 40 years.

Although this modality of healing is a hands-on touch therapy for individual health and development, it also incorporates stress management, meditation exercises, and aspects of spiritual healing. Saul's extensive experience with body energetics is the foundation of GEN instructional materials.

Who is facilitating the internet 'bridge' to GEN?

Saul & Lynn Goodman

Saul & Lynn Goodman

Saul and Lynn Goodman are facilitating the internet ‘bridge’ to the Global Enlightenment Network. We invite you to take part in this planetary peace initiative, and expand your life into new dimensions of fulfilling and effective activity.



Books by Saul Goodman

Books by Saul Goodman include The Book of ShiatsuShiatsu Shin Tai, and Light Body Activation. Light Body Activation offers dialogue and practices for integrating the vibrational shifts taking place in the current stages of evolution.

Support GEN

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