Getting Started on GEN

Learning how to expand & regulate your energy body

The energy body (sometimes called the outerbody, aura or light body) is a part of your vibrational physiology which is currently accelerating in its evolutionary development. Everyone has an energy body, and everyone can learn to work with it. Expanding and regulating it is the key to using GEN.

The energy body is a bioplasmic extension of your physical body that consists of many layers of vibrational life force. It merges with, nourishes, and protects your physical form. Your organs, bones, muscles, glands, etc. all derive life force from the activity of your energy body. Even though this layer of you is not visible to most people, it has very specific functions and activities.

With conscious expansion of the energy body, a whole new dimension becomes a part of life.


The Physiology of the Energy Body

The Energy Body includes the following components:

  • A series of Vibrational Membranes: These membranes are usually called the etheric, emotional/astral, and mental bodies. They are semi-permeable and can be activated and regulated with the mind.
  • Chakras: Chakras are vortexes of energy centered in the etheric body. They are dynamic conduits that connect our physical form to the higher frequency layers of the energy body.
  • Kundalini Channels:  The kundalini channels are pathways of energy that become more active during consciousness awakening processes. They eventually function as an evolved DNA for the light body.
  • The Abstract Mind:  The abstract mind is an energetic extension of the brain that functions outside of the cranium. It enables abstract thinking and the perception of ‘synthesis of opposites’ as reality.

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