Light Body Activation, Chakras & Kundalini

This four day course integrates light body activation, chakra treatment and kundalini management. We will work with unique, effective techniques to activate your light body and work with many of its components. We will explore some ways to work with our own and others' chakras. We will learn techniques to regulate kundalini energy, an often missing component in addressing physical, emotional and mental health. 

The benefits of this work are enormous and include:

  • stress release & relaxation

  • increased energy & flexibility

  • development of the extraordinary senses

  • improvement of bodywork skills: assessing priority, detecting motion, chakra work, clairvoyance, etc. 

  • initiate connection to your higher self & accelerate spiritual development

Following are some details about the three main branches of this class:

Light Body Activation

Light body activation provides essential keys for interactive evolution. It presents formulas and awareness tools for opening the doors to inter-dimensional life. Participants will gain more clarity about the dynamic shifts presently taking place on the earth plane, and learn valuable tools for keeping up with the process. Encourage the development of your vibrational body into the diamond light body, and begin to learn how to regulate its functions.


The chakras are components of the vibrational body that influence body structure, organs, emotions, and mind. Practitioners will learn how to treat the chakras with penetrating results for their clients. Techniques Include:

  • Chakra cleansing, balancing, and stabilizing

  • Integration of Chakra-fascia and structure

  • Use of sound and color

  • Reading chakra symbols and imprints


The kundalini channels can be challenging to identify and manage. Many people have symptoms related to problems with the kundalini (fatigue, auto-immune problems, mental illness), which are often being over-stimulated through spiritual practices and/or technology. Learn unique ways to manage this energy in your body for better health.


INSTRUCTOR: Saul Goodman

DATES:  17-18 & 24-25 November 2018

TIME: 10 am - 5:30 pm each day with a 90 minute lunch break

COST:  $600/$150 repeat fee


REGISTRATION: Call International School of Shiatsu at (215) 795-8065 or email