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Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection Technique

Following is a short audio and written description of a process you can use to protect yourself from negative psychic influences. You may order a longer guided audio version of this process as well.

The sequence of steps initiates the selective permeability function of the energy body.  This neutralizes aggressive, negative psychic energies that may be projected by others at a psychic-emotional level.*  These are energy draining and destructive forces that can cause dis-ease ranging from uncomfortable feelings like anger, jealousy, and depression, to manifested illness.

Listen to short audio version here:

Procedure, Part I

When noticing negative, attacking, dis-empowering psychic-emotional energy, consider the following activity:

  1. Sit quietly and gently expand the outerbody (we recommend that you first download and use the free Energy Body Expansion audio if you are unfamiliar with this process).
  2. Be aware of any sensation of negative psychic-emotional energies that are present in your field.
  3. Imagine that a roaming spiral vortex appears, and begins to move around absorbing harsh energies, thought forms, and emotional pulses that may be penetrating or invading your vibrational membrane.
  4. Continue to scan your outerbody field for negative energies and sensations.  Let the vortex move toward these negative forces and absorb them.
  5. Continue for 1-5 minutes. 
  6. Once the force(s) have been drawn into this roaming vortex, they are accelerated into higher frequencies.  This is similar to destructive static positive ions being transformed into regenerative streaming negative ions. The vortex is like a mitochondria that digests dense toxic substance and turns it into clean streaming energy.


Purifying Vortex Neutralizes Negative Energies

Psychic Protection
Psychic Protection

Negative psychic energy, (such as fear, anger, blame, guilt, jealousy, or rage) that is seeking to penetrate the outerbody membrane is absorbed into a consciously induced roaming vortex.  The vibrational content is dissolved within the vortex, and then returned to the ethers as positive energy.This procedure will neutralize the destructive, energy draining effect that occurs when another person or persons project anger, guilt, resentment, hatred, blame, jealousy, or prejudice in your direction.  Once initiated, it only takes a moment of recognizing negative energies to activate the neutralizing vortex.

Procedure Part II

Now you can utilize the purified streaming energy for moving projects forward, getting things done, or strengthening yourself.  Instead of being a draining force on your system, you turn it into a regenerative and creative fuel.

Focus on your manubrium (this is the bone at the top of the sternum, highlighted in turquoise in the figure), until you feel a numb or tingling sensation.  Let the numb or tingling sensation penetrate into the bone and stimulate the thymus gland. This indicates that healing energies are being activated, which further activates the immune system on the physical and vibrational levels. It enhances biological and psychic homeostasis.

  1. Project energy and light from the manubrium into your outerbody field to heal any degenerative residue from the intrusion(s). 
  2. If color appears, let it permeate through the outerbody.
  3. If you know the source of the psychic-emotional intrusion, let the light extend back to its origin (people, events, etc.).
  4. Continue for several more minutes.
Heart Chakra energy
Heart Chakra energy

The energy emanating from the manubrium will help to open channels of communication and empathy.  It will enable peace and ease within polarized experiences and views.  It will help relax the force of destructive subconscious thought forms, and bring regenerative energy back into play.

As consciousness awakens, new components are activated in the energy body, which becomes an evolved cell.  This is a continuation of the development of our physical/energetic organism, where the physical body serves as the nucleus, the kundalini channels (ida/pingala) serve as the DNA, and the outerbody is an interactive consciousness membrane of the vibtrational atmosphere.  The outerbody is the sum total of the etheric, emotional, and mental bodies.

Go directly onto the Global Enlightenment Network for further information about psychic protection and the roaming vortex.  

*  Negative images, energies and sensations may also be projected from within ourselves, and can also be transformed through this process.

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