vibrational body

Our Ongoing Human Evolution

The Developing Outerbody Humans are not 'finished' evolving.  We are in an process of ongoing human evolution that is stimulated by technology, environment, diet, consciousness, and cosmic forces.  The part of our system that is in an accelerated process of activation at this time is our outerbody (also called the energy body or vibrational body).  By educating ourselves about this germinating part of our physiology, we can encourage its development, and also learn to regulate it consciously.

New Development = New Perceptions

When the outerbody and the energy systems first begin to accelerate, a person is sometimes thrust into an unfamiliar range of experience.  The person may feel strange as old values lose meaning but new ones are not yet formed.  They start to have the experience of being somewhere before they get there, or being somewhere they know they were not.  "Deja vu" happens.  The person hears something and realized that they already know it even though they never learned it in a book or in school.

As the systems and their interactions step up activity, vibrational changes causing sudden alteration of perception take place.  Once can feel out of synch as their frequencies are shifting back and forth.  Meanwhile, the mind fights hard through reasoning to go back into the old set of reliable perceptions and the agreed-upon reality.  In the beginning, it interprets these experiences as "something is off" or "wrong".  The mind feels more secure when it can focus on concrete, logical things.

Do You Ever Feel Strange?

  • Feeling invisible when waiting to be served in a store or restaurant
  • Time speeds up or slows down
  • Out of synch with your normal environment or routine
  • You know what someone is going to say before they say it
  • Difficulty relating to friends, family members, and their values
  • Enjoying yourself immensely while doing what was previously considered 'nothing special' ~ like breathing, exercising, paying bills, looking at a flower, hearing the wind, holding hands, tasting simple food
  • Suddenly things that had been important have no meaning
  • No one responds to you when you express your insights and ideas;  sometimes it's as if no one hears you at all
  • When walking in a public place, people appear like figures in a wax museum;  they appear to be moving in slow motion and you may feel like you are floating in a bubble
  • Growth Spurt
  • You are watching yourself from outside your body, observing your activities from an objective point of view

If you have been having these experiences and regularly feel different, you are experiencing frequency change via outerbody development.  Don't worry, you are not alone!  It is similar to a 'growth spurt' when you were a child.  Remember?  Suddenly your clothes didn't fit, you felt awkward, you were frustrated by your friends and felt like they were limiting you or holding you back.  You may even have been vibrating this way when you were born.

Recognize Your Growth Spurts

Once you start to recognize the qualities of these growth spurts, or activations of the outerbody, you can start to enjoy the evolution process consciously.  Instead of experiencing frustration or feeling disassociated, you will actually begin to feel inspired.  It can be a new form of adult entertainment that promotes health, vibrancy, and creativity.

As the outerbody becomes more functional, we will start to identify the entry we are making as an emerging species into an expanded form of reality.  This will include new structures of dwellings, relationships, economies, government, and health care that may be difficult to imagine in the present.