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Energy Body Development

Developing Fetus
Developing Fetus

If we watch the development of a fetus, we see that in the first stages the body systems are like imprints or shadows within the fetal membrane.  At certain stages, there is an acceleration of growth and more of the system manifests.  It is similar to the development of a plant's root system.  Finally, the system blooms into full maturity and complexity, forming an intricate network throughout the body.  The systems developed originally through different species, during millions of years of evolution in the same way.  

The outerbody (or energy body) and its development follows the same path as other systems of the body.  Until recently, it has operated in more vague, basic patterns of energy and information.  It is now quickly blooming into a mature, complex system.  The development of functions in this vibrational field are presently accelerating for many of us, becoming more specific and well-defined.

As we recognize the mechanism of how the energy body processes thoughts and perceptions, and how it interacts with previous systems and the environment (which are being challenged to continue their development), we will begin to understand many of the unusual and different experiences we sometimes have in our personal and spiritual development.  It will help to explain some of the changes that occur in our values, perceptions, and relationships, including our family orientation.