Key: Harmonic Planetary Relations

Communion-action of all nations, religions, races, and ethnicities.

Learn How to Communicate with World and Local Leaders

  1. If you have not done so, download the free audio Energy Body Expansion (or a more advanced audio).
  2. Expand your energy body.
  3. Bring the 3-D image of the leader (it can be one or several) you wish to communicate with into your field (on the screen).
  4. Communicate through impression, images, and/or Key phrase, what you want them to know about creating policy.  Tell them what you suggest in order to serve the creation of a harmonic, biodynamic planet.
  5. BE DIRECT.  This is your planet too.  Policy needs to serve the well-being and prosperity of all global citizens.

Telepathically register your input to policy.

Act from the source of your power.

Peace now.

Telepathic Transmission for Key #2

Harmonic planetary relations are a state of mutual empathy, tolerance, and no-harm behavior. Harmonic relations originate from an underlying energetic matrix, which includes resonance and sound.  This matrix is a causal influence on planetary affairs and can be influenced and transformed by the use of our extraordinary senses.

At this time there is a tonal dissonance in the planetary soundscape, which can be perceived at the clairaudient level by using the “3rd ear function”*.  There is tonal friction between nations and their interests;  religions and their concepts of god/origin;  and the corporate intention behind the development of technology for profit verses exploring technology’s potential for supporting evolution.

Using the clairaudient ability projected through telepathic channels, we can resonate harmonic sound/vibration into the planetary soundscape.  It is like tuning an instrument.  We can go to the places of dissonance or friction and telepathically retune regional and planetary sound.  When doing this you may hear a few penetrating tones or swelling layers of orchestral/choir like music.

When interacting with leaders, use harmonic sub and supra-audio tones along with images, symbols and keywords to impress your will in the creation of solutions and policy  (see the post communicating with world leaders).  When encountering situations such as war, divisiveness, dysfunctional behavior, use harmonic sound transmissions to telepathically re-tune the energies involved.


When doing healing work you can also project healing sounds and harmonies that arise in the energy of your chakras and transfer these sounds to the receiver or situation.  As these harmonic clairaudient sound transmissions step down (lower frequency) into manifestation, we will notice a change in the “tone” of conversation between leaders, religious figures, media and other persons that hold positions of power and control.  This conversation will begin to acknowledge common human purposes unfolding on earth.

The conversation will begin to focus on the creation of wellbeing and a biodynamic interaction between humanity and the earth.  Racial, ethnic, and nationalistic qualities will begin to blend into an orchestral planetary resonance.  The approach outlined above can also effectively be used in the family and community settings.

*clairaudience is the ability to hear and project sub and supra audio sound that is outside the normal hearing range.