Key: Purifying Mass Consciousness

Telepathic Transmission for Key #1

When viewed clairvoyantly-telepathically, the consciousness field around the earth appears as a bioplasmic membrane.  It is a semi- permeable membrane with a connective matrix.  In this transmission we are creating a fine, high frequency rain to wash and purify the planetary consciousness field.


As this rain comes down through the consciousness field, we find numerous sub-matrixes with various densities and pollutant stagnation.  These sub-matrixes appear dark and feel hard around and within conflict areas, and perforated around impoverished areas of the planet.  Our vibrational rain is softening and melting the hardness and stagnation caused by fear, rage, revenge, and apathy.

It is also freeing humanity from the persecution/ victim contract.  66,000,000 people creating coordinated telepathic/vibrational rain is a powerful cleansing.  It will clear the planetary membrane and trigger a mass consciousness shift that creates harmonic social and environmental behavior.  The softening and clearing of the hard, dark sub-matrixes in the consciousness field allows a superconductive flow of the 4th chakra, or heart chakra, energy center.  It leads to the realization of true communion-action* through empathic listening.

*evolved sense of communication

After working with this Key, we invite you to comment on the following:

  1. what you received telepathically while working with the Key Transmission
  2. the effect(s) you noticed as a result of your participation in the telepathic network; this can be in reference to personal, family, community, nation, and/or global responses
  3. any information or insight that confirms the process