benefits of telepathy

Benefits of Telepathy

Some Benefits of Telepathy

Our current infrastructure of communication is being strained to the point of breakdown, because it can no longer handle the frequency and amount of information we are exchanging.  Telepathy will move in to upgrade our current systems in order to assist us in solving some of the most pressing dilemmas of our times.

Telepathy is an evolving faculty of communication that enables a person to send and receive thoughts, impressions, images, and information without speaking or being in the presence of those with whom they are communicating.  Dialogue can be conceptual, abstract, symbolic, or a combination of these.  As we develop and cultivate telepathic abilities, we will be able to identify more exchanges that are happening at this level. 

We will also be able to intentionally contact people, animals, entities, and other consciousness fields with whom we desire to communicate.  Over time this will become as common and reliable as our present use of speech and writing.  


Telepathy is More Accurate than our Current Languages

Ultimately, telepathy is a more accurate form of communication than our current languages, because it can convey abstracts and synthesis.  Our written and spoken languages are much more appropriate for exchanging lower frequency information that is linear in quality.  The words and grammar inherent in our language systems contribute to perceptions of reality in terms of polarities:  either/or, win/lose, us/them, bad/good, etc.  This is one of the reasons communication through these languages carries a tendency to create and exacerbate conflict despite the best intentions of the participants. 

Telepathy brings a whole new realm of possibility into communication because it can convey (and so also create) a reality that includes much more of the 'real' quantum truths of synthesis and paradox.  Quantum physicists have proven through extensive scientific experimentation that a particle can be a wave can be a particle can be a wave.... and that it depends on the observer which state 'it' will be occupying at each moment.

Our so called logical minds have quite a difficult time grasping these concepts that blow our previous tidy belief constructs to bits.  We are deeply conditioned to see reality through a restricted lens of perception that only accepts information that correlates with its lower frequency vision.  Using telepathy will offer a much more expanded 'language' that can handle the large 'file size' of describing and discussing abstract reality.


Exchange Large Amounts of Multi-dimensional Data

Another benefit of telepathy is that it offers the opportunity to more easily exchange large amounts of information than our present methods of communication allow.  Computer hardware and software systems are being constantly upgraded to adequately handle the rapidly expanding needs of data exchange and organization around the planet.  As our data needs outgrow the capacity to store, exchange, and interpret the information, telepathic discourse will move in to provide a new medium of exchange.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an impression is equal to thousands of pictures;  a skillfully formed telepathic impression can carry multidimensional layers of data that not only include language, image, and sound, but also new forms of information that we do not even have words at this time to identify.  Our linear language structures themselves have been holding us back from experiencing vast swaths of data which presently lie outside the capacity of our descriptions.  Telepathy offers an empowering option for upgrading the quality and capacity of our communications.  Anyone can learn this skill, and everyone can use it to enrich and expand their life experience.