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Broadcasting Consciousness with GEN

As people learn to upload their consciousness and love directly onto the telepathic web, it directly impacts the behavior of our species in very positive ways. 


Broadcasting Consciousness

Many people involved in consciousness activities work on their inner development at the same time as addressing the 'outer' world. You yourself may be gaining new insights daily about relationships, emotions, health, and your own psychological patterns. This growing self-awareness of yours has great value. It emanates from you as a vibrational broadcast of information, similar to a radio station or television channel. Broadcasting consciousness deliberately into the atmosphere is the next step in increasing its effect.


Sharing Your Learning:  Uploading to GEN

Using the frequency band of Global Enlightenment Network, consciousness can also be shared in a very deliberate way. This is done by expanding the energy system and adjusting the body frequencies before 'uploading' new information. This allows many others to benefit more quickly from what you learn. It is similar to how a television network delivers their programs by sending them out on a specific frequency band, or how people put information up on a website or facebook page.

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This sharing of knowledge and wisdom via communications biotechnology will expand logarithmically, just like it did as people moved through using the telegraph, telephone, cell phone, and internet. GEN is the latest manifestation of our communications capabilities, and offers a efficient platform for broadcasting consciousness. It offers a potent opportunity to stimulate the growth of consciousness with great ease on the earth plane.


GEN Offers Leverage for Change

If you have an interest in this website, you most likely crave to live in a peaceful world. You probably care deeply about the well-being of Earth and all its inhabitants. You might feel sorrow that anyone is struggling instead of thriving. And despite all your searching and striving, perhaps you experience daily frustration that there seems to be so much turmoil and pain within you and outside of you.

As we all work to develop our capacity to exist in a harmonic state with each other and the rest of the planet, this network offers a effective means to transform the consciousness of the human population past the present tendency towards polarization and power struggles. As you learn to upload higher frequencies directly onto the telepathic web, it directly impacts the behavior of our species in very positive ways.

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To learn more about how to expand your energy system and connect to GEN, please click on the button below to get a free guided audio:

Feeling the Energy Body Part II: The Breath

This is the second part of a series called "Feeling Your Energy Body."

GEN exercises go through a unique process of sensitizing and activating the human energy system for better health, and for participation on the worldwide telepathic web. This short video will take you through the second step to sensitize your awareness of your energy body. It involves breathing in a quiet, smooth way, and drawing breath in and out through the back of your nasal passages.

The information in the video can provide many benefits:

  1. It is a tool for personal health & relaxation
  2. It can enhance meditative practices you may already do
  3. It can be used as a step to expand into GEN activities if you choose

You can enjoy the video while sitting wherever you are, even watching or doing other things as you try it out. Or you can sit quietly near your phone or computer, close your eyes, and go into it more deeply.

Breathing in this way, even for just a few breaths, is good for health and relaxation, because it has an immediate affect on the central nervous system. It goes into more 'rest and regeneration' activities rather than 'flight and fight' mode. This promotes relaxation, awareness, and an expansion of frequencies.

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Feeling the Energy Body: Part I

Here is a short exercise to begin the process of feeling your energy body.  You can use it for health and GEN activities.

Remember when you learned to use the internet?  You had to get a computer or smartphone, learn how to get online, download a browser program and figure out how to open it up.  Then came the beginning of doing searches, finding websites, and navigating through them to get the information that you wanted.  Getting an email address and communicating in that way was another process to explore.

Learning to use Global Enlightenment Network has a similar kind of progression.  First and foremost a participant has to prime their body so that it can be used to 'get online.'  The first steps in this process have to do with actually beginning to FEEL your body, which most of us have been trained quite deeply to actively ignore.

Instead of using an external device such as a computer or phone to connect to the operating network, GEN only requires that you have a body, which obviously you do or you wouldn't be sitting there reading this!  There are many practices out there - yoga, different forms of meditation, tai chi, many types of exercise workouts, etc. - which work to bring people into a deeper connection with their body.

After the first few steps, GEN exercises go into a more unique process of sensitizing and activating the human energy system.  There are some unique aspects throughout the whole process, but the beginning has many things you will recognize:  bringing attention to the body, to the breath, etc.

The short video below will take you through the beginning steps to feel your body and your energy body.  You can enjoy it while sitting wherever you are, even watching as you go through it.  Or you can sit quietly near your phone or computer, close your eyes, and go into it more deeply.  It is good for health and relaxation, regardless if you go on to use it to connect to the GEN and participate consciously on the worldwide telepathic web.

If you have comments or questions, please leave us feedback below.  See you on the web!  

FAQ Part I about Global Enlightenment Network

Welcome to FAQ Part I about GEN


We are sharing a series of audios about Global Enlightenment Network (GEN) in order to assist people to use the telepathic web, and also to give a taste of our upcoming online course:  Global Enlightenment I.  Material in these audios will include answers to many of the questions people have been asking about the telepathic web.  

Often people would like to participate on the Global Enlightenment Network, but are not sure what it is or how to get started.  We invite you to relax, listen, and learn more about this cutting edge communications network.  It offers enormous potential for consciousness transformation, and can bring a wealth of expanded experience into your daily life.

Please share any feedback below.  We would love to hear from you, and welcome your comments & questions!

We are grateful to each of you who are at some level drawn to help develop the Enlightenment Network in order to enrich your own life, and assist in the co-creation of a peaceful world.  Your yearning for a reality that is based on love and conscious respect is a powerful force that has a potent impact at the frequency of telepathic communication.  Moving that yearning and intention into this frequency band of exchange will give you invaluable return on your investment of time and energy.

Benefits of Telepathy

Some Benefits of Telepathy

Our current infrastructure of communication is being strained to the point of breakdown, because it can no longer handle the frequency and amount of information we are exchanging.  Telepathy will move in to upgrade our current systems in order to assist us in solving some of the most pressing dilemmas of our times.

Telepathy is an evolving faculty of communication that enables a person to send and receive thoughts, impressions, images, and information without speaking or being in the presence of those with whom they are communicating.  Dialogue can be conceptual, abstract, symbolic, or a combination of these.  As we develop and cultivate telepathic abilities, we will be able to identify more exchanges that are happening at this level. 

We will also be able to intentionally contact people, animals, entities, and other consciousness fields with whom we desire to communicate.  Over time this will become as common and reliable as our present use of speech and writing.  


Telepathy is More Accurate than our Current Languages

Ultimately, telepathy is a more accurate form of communication than our current languages, because it can convey abstracts and synthesis.  Our written and spoken languages are much more appropriate for exchanging lower frequency information that is linear in quality.  The words and grammar inherent in our language systems contribute to perceptions of reality in terms of polarities:  either/or, win/lose, us/them, bad/good, etc.  This is one of the reasons communication through these languages carries a tendency to create and exacerbate conflict despite the best intentions of the participants. 

Telepathy brings a whole new realm of possibility into communication because it can convey (and so also create) a reality that includes much more of the 'real' quantum truths of synthesis and paradox.  Quantum physicists have proven through extensive scientific experimentation that a particle can be a wave can be a particle can be a wave.... and that it depends on the observer which state 'it' will be occupying at each moment.

Our so called logical minds have quite a difficult time grasping these concepts that blow our previous tidy belief constructs to bits.  We are deeply conditioned to see reality through a restricted lens of perception that only accepts information that correlates with its lower frequency vision.  Using telepathy will offer a much more expanded 'language' that can handle the large 'file size' of describing and discussing abstract reality.


Exchange Large Amounts of Multi-dimensional Data

Another benefit of telepathy is that it offers the opportunity to more easily exchange large amounts of information than our present methods of communication allow.  Computer hardware and software systems are being constantly upgraded to adequately handle the rapidly expanding needs of data exchange and organization around the planet.  As our data needs outgrow the capacity to store, exchange, and interpret the information, telepathic discourse will move in to provide a new medium of exchange.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an impression is equal to thousands of pictures;  a skillfully formed telepathic impression can carry multidimensional layers of data that not only include language, image, and sound, but also new forms of information that we do not even have words at this time to identify.  Our linear language structures themselves have been holding us back from experiencing vast swaths of data which presently lie outside the capacity of our descriptions.  Telepathy offers an empowering option for upgrading the quality and capacity of our communications.  Anyone can learn this skill, and everyone can use it to enrich and expand their life experience.

GEN News

Activity on the worldwide telepathic web is growing.  At the present time there are 12,150+ participants on the our facebook page, with more people signing up every day.  Countries with the most members are the US, the United Kingdom, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Sign-ups come in waves from different regions, as someone finds outernet and then shares it with their friends.  Often there is a wave of activity when a country experiences political and social upheaval.  We assume this is because people are turning to outernet to leverage their power in a way that is simply not available through 'normal' avenues of expression, due to government suppression or violence.

It is exciting for us to open up our email in the morning and have messages from people all over the world.  I have a commitment to myself to visit every new member's facebook profile to see their face and where they are from.  Just now I looked at 3 lovely humans from :

  • Rawalakot, Pakistan
  • Basra, Iraq
  • Bakolod City, Philippines

This way I get to feel the vibrations of each person and place a little.  And as each new person goes online Outernet, their imprint is carried onto the telepathic web;  their life force begins to contribute to the creation of an empowering paradigm for all of us.

We are All on the Web

Even if someone does not learn how to expand their bioplasmic body and navigate the telepathic web purposefully, their interest alone means they are moving a bit at that frequency.  We are grateful to each of you who are at some level drawn to help develop this evolving internet in order to enrich your own life, and assist in the co-creation of a peaceful world.

Your yearning for a reality that is based on love and conscious respect is a powerful force that has a potent impact at the frequency of telepathic communication.  Moving that yearning and intention into this frequency band of exchange will give you invaluable return on your investment of time and energy.

We welcome your comments;  they can be entered at the bottom of this page.  

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Thoughts Create Reality (especially at certain frequencies!)

What can telepathy bring to your life?  Isn't it mind control?  And isn't it just a psychic gimmick that can disrupt your privacy?  

Telepathy is an evolving form of communication that can actually bring much more ease to your life right now.  Many people are overwhelmed by the amount of information exchange occurring in the form of phone, email, and social media.  These technologies are precursors to our biological capabilities, but they can be quite disruptive to our  physiology.  Using the body to exchange information directly increases health rather than deteriorating our nervous system, and can save time, money, and energy.

Telepathy also puts the reins of monitoring your privacy into your own hands.  You no longer need to worry about government agencies or computer hackers invading your digital space without having any control over it, because YOU will be regulating your activity on the web directly through your own body.


Exchanging information on the Global Enlightenment Network occurs with less friction that our current communication networks.  It operates at a higher frequency range, and the information can move more easily through the fabric of time-space.  Which brings up another subject:  in-formation.  Your thoughts can be coordinated to co-create harmonic thoughtscapes.

'Thoughts create reality' becomes much more true when your cranial system is activated, balanced, and consciously directed.  Your nervous system becomes the driver of a bio-holo-genic, neuro-digital creation process that has the power to transform our thoughtscape, and then our manifested biological reality, into a harmonic realm based on love rather than fear.

Your Cranium is Moving

Did you know that your cranium is not just a static vault of bone around your brain?  It is composed of 28 different bones, almost all of which are joined together by sutures (except the mandible, or jaw bone).  Sutures are rigid articulations that permit small amounts of movement.  The articulations of each suture can become more or less mobile depending on different stress forces in the body and the cranium.

Although the movements between the bones of the cranium are small compared to the gross movements that are obvious in many of our other joints (such as a shoulder joint or knee joint), the movements are real, significant, and just as prone to restriction and injury as any other joint in the body.  These cranial movements provide important functions for the whole system, both physically and energetically. Cranial movements can be amplified and balanced through bodywork touch therapies, such as craniosacral therapy, and also through consciousness.

Using the power of your mind and intention, you can actually bring your body into a state in which you can feel your cranial bones, notice their movements, and work with them consciously to adjust and balance the cranial system.  You may be asking, 'why the heck would I want to do that?!'  There are two main reasons why you might want to get involved in this enjoyable activity:  health benefits and telepathic exchange.  Anyone can learn how to do it, and anyone can reap the benefits.

Health Benefits:  The Recovery of Life Force

Releasing restrictions in the cranial system and increasing the motion of the cranial bones has many positive physical benefits.  By doing these exercises you will be able to recover life force that has been locked up in restrictive stress matrixes.  Learning to direct attention to the subtle motions (or lack of) in the cranial bones can help to release micro-restrictions that have been created through different kinds of stress and/or injury.

Increased motion in the cranial system also helps to release old emotional and psychological stress patterns lodged in the body’s soft tissue system.  Releasing these restrictions in the cranial system enables the recovery of trapped and unavailable life force for greater physical, emotional, and mental health.

The Cranial System & Telepathy

The activation of the cranial system enables the development of human telepathy and sonar. When the movement of the cranial bones and their attached membranes are intentionally increased through specific awareness techniques, it greatly increases the dispatch and reception of vibrational information.  

The cranial bones become a device for the transmission and reception of focused thought waves.   Just like radio transmitters and receivers can modulate the frequency of the radio waves they emit or receive in order to exchange specific frequencies of information, you can adjust the amplitude of your cranial bone movements to control the 'thought' waves that you project out into the world and that you decide to receive.  Most of us do not think of our skulls as radio stations, but they really are.  However most of our stations are broadcasting unclear and fragmented information due to the lack of mobility and awareness we have about the process.

"...Radio waves, like all light waves, have zero mass.  But the waves carry information in the form of pure energy, which also has zero mass.  The information isn't being carried on the wave like a person carrying a load.  The information is part of the wave.  Most messages are complex, but a very simple message (like "yes" or "no") could be carried by a wave at a single frequency and amplitude by simply turning the wave source on ("yes") and off ("no")."

 from the Cornell Center for Materials Research

The Global Enlightenment Network - a communications network for the 100%

The Enlightenment Network is for everyone, and everyone can learn to 'get online' and use it to enrich their life experience.  It can simplify communication, improve relationships, and expand opportunities for soul-based entertainment!  Your own body becomes the key to interacting directly with the world around you and the people you love, all while creating a world of peace.