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Broadcasting Consciousness with GEN

As people learn to upload their consciousness and love directly onto the telepathic web, it directly impacts the behavior of our species in very positive ways. 


Broadcasting Consciousness

Many people involved in consciousness activities work on their inner development at the same time as addressing the 'outer' world. You yourself may be gaining new insights daily about relationships, emotions, health, and your own psychological patterns. This growing self-awareness of yours has great value. It emanates from you as a vibrational broadcast of information, similar to a radio station or television channel. Broadcasting consciousness deliberately into the atmosphere is the next step in increasing its effect.


Sharing Your Learning:  Uploading to GEN

Using the frequency band of Global Enlightenment Network, consciousness can also be shared in a very deliberate way. This is done by expanding the energy system and adjusting the body frequencies before 'uploading' new information. This allows many others to benefit more quickly from what you learn. It is similar to how a television network delivers their programs by sending them out on a specific frequency band, or how people put information up on a website or facebook page.

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This sharing of knowledge and wisdom via communications biotechnology will expand logarithmically, just like it did as people moved through using the telegraph, telephone, cell phone, and internet. GEN is the latest manifestation of our communications capabilities, and offers a efficient platform for broadcasting consciousness. It offers a potent opportunity to stimulate the growth of consciousness with great ease on the earth plane.


GEN Offers Leverage for Change

If you have an interest in this website, you most likely crave to live in a peaceful world. You probably care deeply about the well-being of Earth and all its inhabitants. You might feel sorrow that anyone is struggling instead of thriving. And despite all your searching and striving, perhaps you experience daily frustration that there seems to be so much turmoil and pain within you and outside of you.

As we all work to develop our capacity to exist in a harmonic state with each other and the rest of the planet, this network offers a effective means to transform the consciousness of the human population past the present tendency towards polarization and power struggles. As you learn to upload higher frequencies directly onto the telepathic web, it directly impacts the behavior of our species in very positive ways.

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