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Activity on the worldwide telepathic web is growing.  At the present time there are 12,150+ participants on the our facebook page, with more people signing up every day.  Countries with the most members are the US, the United Kingdom, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Sign-ups come in waves from different regions, as someone finds outernet and then shares it with their friends.  Often there is a wave of activity when a country experiences political and social upheaval.  We assume this is because people are turning to outernet to leverage their power in a way that is simply not available through 'normal' avenues of expression, due to government suppression or violence.

It is exciting for us to open up our email in the morning and have messages from people all over the world.  I have a commitment to myself to visit every new member's facebook profile to see their face and where they are from.  Just now I looked at 3 lovely humans from :

  • Rawalakot, Pakistan
  • Basra, Iraq
  • Bakolod City, Philippines

This way I get to feel the vibrations of each person and place a little.  And as each new person goes online Outernet, their imprint is carried onto the telepathic web;  their life force begins to contribute to the creation of an empowering paradigm for all of us.

We are All on the Web

Even if someone does not learn how to expand their bioplasmic body and navigate the telepathic web purposefully, their interest alone means they are moving a bit at that frequency.  We are grateful to each of you who are at some level drawn to help develop this evolving internet in order to enrich your own life, and assist in the co-creation of a peaceful world.

Your yearning for a reality that is based on love and conscious respect is a powerful force that has a potent impact at the frequency of telepathic communication.  Moving that yearning and intention into this frequency band of exchange will give you invaluable return on your investment of time and energy.

We welcome your comments;  they can be entered at the bottom of this page.  

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