Enlighten the Matrix

Each Post is an Impression Many of our posts are a simple phrase and/or image.  They are impressions that convey information, and also unlock information.  One of the ways to utilize the Enlightenment Network is to circulate these impressions out into the mass 'thought stream.'  Just imagining that scenario begins the process.  Doing it after you expand your energy body increases the effect exponentially.  Outernet encourages people to create images that vibrate with a very different frequency than what is broadcast constantly over conventional media sources in order to enlighten the sub-conscious planetary matrix.

The Enlightenment Network is Transformational Media

Present media outlets, such as TV, the internet, magazines, and newspapers, are at this time often dominated by fear and violence, perpetuating the underlying unconscious (and conscious) expectations that keep re-creating negative realities. Global Enlightenment Network participants can input and amplify new information into the vibrational thought streams circulating through our atmosphere in order to manifest more harmonic realities.  As more people align with these higher frequencies, the coherence of their thought streams can quickly gain power.

Tune Your Body First

Think about how a finely crafted instrument can transmit incredibly pure tones that penetrate clearly through our hearts to move us deeply into exquisite realms of feeling and experience.  A person with a finely tuned and developed energy system can use it to broadcast information in much the same way as that instrument.

Even a little bit of practice to expand,develop, and regulate the energy body leads to an exponential increase in telepathic capacity.  With very little effort, the frequencies of positive thoughts can penetrate through realms of dense, polluted thought forms and help cleanse our global thought-scape.  And the good news is, even just imagining that your energy body expands, even if you don't really know what that is, helps it begin to happen.  Downloading the free audio on this website will give you more specific directions if you want to take it further.  

A Vibrational Library

Expanding your energy body and then noticing what you 'receive' (think, feel, & picture) after you see a post is a wonderful way to access different dimensions of information.  Without reading or going to a class, you will come into contact with many rich sources of accurate and original material on an endless array of topics.  Interested in genetics?  Emotional development?  String theory?  Nutrition? ~ GEN is more fun than an iPhone, and healthier too!

Noticing your impressions from a post is also a good way to stimulate telepathic development.  Please feel free to share what you notice, no matter how mundane or 'out there', because this will help to validate your own and others experiences. 

The Global Enlightenment Network is a creative, entertaining, healthy, & enlightening communications network that is free for all people of good intention.  It is not a cult or belief system, and does not have a leader.  Anyone can use it, and you do not have to ‘join‘ anything in order to enjoy the benefits that this growing network can offer you.