The Evolution of Technology: The I Phone

The Global Enlightenment Network is an expanding communications network that is the cutting edge of  technology.  This telepathic web coordinates thought streams, images and impressions of awakening people to create a positive manifestation of planetary life.

Telepathic communication skills are becoming more accessible due to the evolution of our biologic and energetic systems.  It does take some focus and practice in order to become adept with this new set of abilities, but it is relatively simple and the benefits it can bring to your life are quite profound.  When telepathy is operating unconsciously, as it already is in many of us, it can cause fatigue, confusion, and emotional imbalance.  Anyone can learn how to use telepathy effectively,  and it increases your privacy and safety.  Regular people are using the telepathic web every day for enriching and expanding their life experience.  

As communications systems develop and change, so do communication devices.  Smoke signals, language, writing, printing, the telegraph, telephones, computers, cell phones - air, sound, paper, wires, ethernet, waves:  humans have moved through many phases of communication methods, and each phase is transforming faster than the one before in a logarithmic pattern.  This ongoing development is about to make a quantum leap.  Instead of using external devices to connect into operating communications networks, we are about to move into an era where we use our bodies directly for this function.

Your body is not a static thing;  your body is an evolving system with complex energetic components that are in an acceleration of complexification at this time.  And your energy system, or ‘energy body,’ can be used for communication much as a cell phone is used.  The iPhone is about to become truly the I phone, except no phone is needed other than YOU.  And the latest version is waiting for you to access whenever you choose.  No need to go to a store or shop online!


If you find yourself bored with traditional social, family, and work interactions, and discouraged about the state of the so-called real world, there is a good chance your body is already unconsciously involved in this energetic upgrade.  It can be stimulated by conscious involvement of the mind.  Learning to activate and regulate the evolution of your energetic system is healthful, relaxing, and creative.  Your interest in this topic alone is indication that you are in some degree ready to move further into this stage of your evolution.

We all want to live in a more peaceful world.  We all want to live in a more loving world.  But all around us is evidence of fear, greed, anger, conflict and violence.  The Enlightenment Network is a forum where awakening individuals can learn to use their life force for the co-creation of a heart-centered world, and take responsibility for directing our evolution in ways that are self-sustainable, inspirational, and joyful.

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