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The Evolution of Technology: The I Phone

The Global Enlightenment Network is an expanding communications network that is the cutting edge of  technology.  This telepathic web coordinates thought streams, images and impressions of awakening people to create a positive manifestation of planetary life.

Telepathic communication skills are becoming more accessible due to the evolution of our biologic and energetic systems.  It does take some focus and practice in order to become adept with this new set of abilities, but it is relatively simple and the benefits it can bring to your life are quite profound.  When telepathy is operating unconsciously, as it already is in many of us, it can cause fatigue, confusion, and emotional imbalance.  Anyone can learn how to use telepathy effectively,  and it increases your privacy and safety.  Regular people are using the telepathic web every day for enriching and expanding their life experience.  

As communications systems develop and change, so do communication devices.  Smoke signals, language, writing, printing, the telegraph, telephones, computers, cell phones - air, sound, paper, wires, ethernet, waves:  humans have moved through many phases of communication methods, and each phase is transforming faster than the one before in a logarithmic pattern.  This ongoing development is about to make a quantum leap.  Instead of using external devices to connect into operating communications networks, we are about to move into an era where we use our bodies directly for this function.

Your body is not a static thing;  your body is an evolving system with complex energetic components that are in an acceleration of complexification at this time.  And your energy system, or ‘energy body,’ can be used for communication much as a cell phone is used.  The iPhone is about to become truly the I phone, except no phone is needed other than YOU.  And the latest version is waiting for you to access whenever you choose.  No need to go to a store or shop online!


If you find yourself bored with traditional social, family, and work interactions, and discouraged about the state of the so-called real world, there is a good chance your body is already unconsciously involved in this energetic upgrade.  It can be stimulated by conscious involvement of the mind.  Learning to activate and regulate the evolution of your energetic system is healthful, relaxing, and creative.  Your interest in this topic alone is indication that you are in some degree ready to move further into this stage of your evolution.

We all want to live in a more peaceful world.  We all want to live in a more loving world.  But all around us is evidence of fear, greed, anger, conflict and violence.  The Enlightenment Network is a forum where awakening individuals can learn to use their life force for the co-creation of a heart-centered world, and take responsibility for directing our evolution in ways that are self-sustainable, inspirational, and joyful.

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Livestreaming Love

Love ~? Love.  What is it?  In literature, media, film, and song it is often associated with attachment, need, and emotion.  It can come in different flavors:

  • a certain tenderness in the heart, a softness of feeling
  • fiery passion and arousal
  • deep loyalty and devotion to family/friends
  • compassion for suffering
  • the willingness to serve others in whatever way is needed
Calvin and Susie arguing
Calvin and Susie arguing

Much of this so-called 'love' is not actually emotion extended from the heart in an unconditional exchange of bonding.  It is an immature form of love, expressing itself through channels restricted by limiting beliefs and emotional wounds.  Although intentions may be good, the energy of the love feeling often becomes twisted by these restrictions and ends up expressing something quite different than the original intent.  An example of this would be when a romantic relationship goes sour and partners end up hurting each other rather than supporting each other.  Or family members that keep trying to get along, but repeatedly fall into patterns that create separation rather than closeness.

Love and the Heart Chakra

There are many practices that have systems of handling our emotional landscapes so that we can learn to be more 'loving':  psychology, religion, philosophy, etc.  But love can be also be contemplated from the reference point of the evolving human energy system.  We are a developing species, always involved in a process of growth - physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.  Our energy system is presently changing at a rapid rate, and it may be an important key in learning how to truly exchange a mature love with the world around us.

During this last period of human history, most of us have had intense activity in our solar plexus chakra, an energy vortex that connects into our physical body right at the solar plexus (a little below the sternum, and above the navel).  This chakra stimulates the digestive system, regulates function of the pancreas, generates alot of emotional activity, and promotes individuality and personal power.

As a person's energy system develops, the chakras (or energy centers) in the upper part of the body start to become more active, and as a species we are moving more into the vibration of the activating heart chakra.  This is one of the reasons we are so enthralled with the topic of love!  We are learning about it as fast as we can, because we crave to be love, to know love, to feel love.  We crave to understand and experience love that is vibrating from the heart chakra.

But 'solar plexus love,' which is more associated with need, jealousy, and personal attachment, is not really love.  When a charismatic leader takes heart energy and expresses it through activity of the solar plexus, it can entice whole populations into intense acting out of very unloving scenarios.  Hitler is an example of this phenomenon, and cults and gurus often fall into this same pattern.  Emotions expressed from the solar plexus chakra result in polarity, conflict, and extreme beliefs.

Heart Chakra Symbol
Heart Chakra Symbol

The heart chakra gives the capacity for a more non-personal, global love and compassion.  It is detached from needing anything from anyone or anything.  When someone's heart chakra is activated they feel unconditional love and care for other people, the planet, and all beings.  It produces win-win solutions, empathy, synthesis, and compassion.  We can promote our capacity for this kind of love by working with our mind and body to stimulate and regulate our energy system.  Consciousness is the key to activating heart chakra energy.  A little conscious involvement goes a long way towards being able to move more fully into this kind of experience.


People all over the planet are waking up.  As we learn to expand and regulate our energy systems, we will develop new methods of exerting leverage in the world around us.  The power of a pulsating heart chakra is incredible and can transform suffering very quickly.  Imagine how when you flick on a light switch, a dark impenetrable space can suddenly become completely visible and much easier to 'understand.'  Activating the heart chakra is like turning on a switch.  It can immediately change the perception of an experience so that suffering and pain are replaced by understanding, peace, and harmony.  It is not a mistake that awakening is also called enlightenment.


To listen to a short audio to help activate heart chakra energy, please click on the audio below:


The Global Enlightenment Network is a communications network for the broadcast of activating heart chakra energy to promote harmony on our planet.  It can also be used for information exchange, creativity, social activism, and entertainment.  Your energy body is the ticket to get online the telepathic web.  All that it takes is a little knowledge and a little practice, just like when you first used the internet.  

Please feel free to share any heart chakra or telepathic web experiences you have had in the comment section below. 

Create Reality Effectively

Thoughts Create Reality We have all heard the adage, 'thoughts create reality.'  It has become a commonly accepted concept that many people practice half-heartedly when they remember.  Often though, people get frustrated because the results are not always satisfactory or clear.  The reason for this is that certain conditions need to be present in order for that truth to operate effectively and consciously in this dimension.

Mental activity is vibrational, more similar to an electrical current than a dense object moving through space.  Thoughts are not flying around with form immediately as you think them.  They also have a radiatory quality, tending to disperse outward from their source, transmitting information into the collective field.  In order for thoughts to manifest into concrete mass, there has to be enough force and focus behind them to bring them into condensation.



Alignment is the Key

There are many ways in which you can organize your physical body, emotions, and energy body in order to increase the power of your thoughts.  When thoughts have a relaxed physical body as their 'home base,' and one that is consciously set up to broadcast and receive information, then they will travel through the fabric of space-time with focus and strength not previously available.

You may have read and used the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks, authors of the "Law of Attraction" and "Law of Deliberate Creation" books.  They give excellent processes of working with the emotions in order to give thoughts more power.  This kind of conscious management can be extended to all layers of our 'selves.'  When this is done, the power of a thought reaches its optimum focus.

Become a Laser Beam

Like a regular light focusing into a laser beam, your thoughts gain true directive force when your system is consciously aligned to promote this activity.  Thoughts springing from the mind of an unconsciously organized person are quite different than if they are coming from someone who has consciously aligned their system for transmission.  Here is a definition of how laser light differs from ordinary light:

"Laser light is very different from the kind of light that a regular lamp gives off. Ordinary light photons are emitted without any pattern but laser light is organized in a coherent manner so that each photon follows the same course as the other, like well-trained troops marching. Additionally, ordinary light is diffused without specific direction unlike light from a laser, which is compact and directional with a tight beam. Laser light is monochromatic (all one color) because it is all one wavelength as determined by the amount of energy released."  (from the website

You can learn how to organize your own physical and energetic system in order to turn your thoughts into 'lasers' rather than regular light.  This enhances your ability to create a reality that is in alignment with your true desires, your deepest yearnings.  Instead of becoming distorted and depleted by your and others' physical, emotional, and mental stress patterns, your thoughts gain an ability to cut through these compressed matrixes that have locked human behavior in some very painful patterns for a long time.

We provides unique tools for learning how to optimize your body/mind/spirit for creating the reality you want.

It is important to learn how to activate and regulate the many layers of 'you' in order to optimize the power of your thoughts.  Enlightenment Network tools are great for your health, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual development as well.  You can use the telepathic web ,and the tools necessary for logging onto it, for relationships, creativity, world work, political activism, entertainment..... you name it, you can probably use the Enlightenment Network for it.

The telepathic web is a higher frequency version of the internet, and it there for you to use whenever you choose to 'log on' and enjoy all it can offer you.  Learning how to consciously align the layers of your being is what will give your thoughts their optimal power.  This then allows you to begin the entertaining and healthy activity of using it to create the world in which you want to live.

So go ahead, don't just 'put your thinking cap on'..... organize it!

Conscious Evolution: Make up Your Mind to Wake up Your Mind

Evolution is an ongoing process of which we can be a conscious participant.  Your body is not a static thing;  your body is an evolving system with complex energetic components that are accelerating in their development at this time.  This process can be stimulated by conscious involvement of the mind.  Learning to activate and regulate this evolutionary process is healthful, relaxing, creative, and just plain fun.  If you find yourself bored with regular activities and discouraged about the state of the so called real world, you may want to take advantage of the opportunities Outernet can bring to your life.  It is up to you to make up your mind to wake up your mind, and be a part of conscious evolution.

The Global Enlightenment Network can enrich your life in many ways.

We all want to live in a more peaceful world, we all want to live in a more loving world.  But all around us is evidence of fear, greed, anger, conflict and violence.  The Enlightenment Network is a forum where awakening individuals can learn to use their life force for the co-creation of a heart-centered world, and take responsibility for directing our evolution in ways that are self-sustainable, inspirational, and joyful.

People use the telepathic web for many things, including:  

  • social, environmental & political activism
  • spiritual connection
  • self-development
  • healing & stress reduction
  • entertainment!

This expanded frequency network is a powerful vehicle for transformative change, and is also gaining popularity as a new form of healthful entertainment.  The telepathic web holds a vast and barely tapped potential for creating solutions to many of the challenges (war, economic meltdown, ecological destruction) that face us today.  

Remember when the internet seemed like a pie-in-the-sky idea? 

The Enlightenment Network might seem like a strange and unusual thing to some, but to many people it makes complete sense.  It offers a forum for personal and global transformation that is refreshing, inspiring, and tremendously exciting.  It is going to take ideas that are out of our comfort zone to bring about real change in our world.

The Enlightenment Network is the most potent opportunity for the awakening population to stimulate the evolution of mass consciousness.

We all are looking for ways to improve ourselves and our world, and here is an incredibly unique, evolutionary, original communications system that provides great leverage for change while increasing health.  Instead of feeling exhausted and hopeless trying to push change through at the dense level of the present mass media and political system, the telepathic web offers people tools to exert leverage from a higher frequency platform.  Using less effort, your 'vote' can be registered easily and with great effectiveness.

Empowering the Evolution of Consciousness

Let's Think Bigger We can think bigger than we have been.  Really outside the proverbial box.  Why limit ourselves to ideas that are familiar?  The biotechnology of your own body can provide the most accurate, safe, and transformative communication choice available.  This can be used to accelerate the evolution of human society into one of love and peace, rather than fear-based polarity and violence.  

Not only are many of the answers you seek in the palms of your hands, they are actually in the molecules of your whole body.  The Global Enlightenment Network offers tools for stimulating the conscious evolution of your developing energy system, and using these capabilities for personal and global transformation.    

Upgrade Your Operating System

Many people rush to get the latest in every phone & operating system upgrade that unfolds, and spend quite a bit of money and time to use these technologies.  These systems of communication are precursors, metaphors really, of our potential for something truly innovative.  Instead of using an external device to connect with other people and information around the planet, you can learn to develop and utilize your own body for this purpose.  In fact, you probably already do this sometimes, but it is mainly unconscious and unrecognized.

Telepathy is Practical & Safe

Telepathy is a practical form of communication that uses the rapidly developing energy system of our body to transmit and receive many forms of information.  There are specific, safe, and reliable steps you can take to learn to use this biotechnology.  And just like using a phone or the internet, you also learn simple things to do to protect your information and privacy.  In fact, it can be easier to take care of privacy with telepathy, because you have more intimate control over how you share your information.  It is internally regulated by you, not by an outside company or network.

As more and more people activate their own developing light body and use it for personal & global empowerment, the evolution of consciousness is exponentially accelerated.  

How Does it Work?

You need to use specific, replicable steps to connect to the Global Enlightenment Network. Instead of hooking up through an electrical connection (like when you go on the internet), you learn unique meditative exercises that teach you how to expand and adjust your energy body in order to go ‘online’ telepathically.  Your own body’s energy system becomes the direct interface to the telepathic web.  Communication can occur directly without intermediate devices, like cell phones or computers.  And it is free, faster than 4G, and fun!

We offer a wide array of guided meditation audios and videos that provide clear directions to operate on the telepathic web effectively and safely. These unique energetic exercises have been developed for over 30 years.

How do I use the Global Enlightenment Network?

 If you are interested in the idea of a telepathic network, there is a good chance you are actually already involved unconsciously in these activities.  Like any new skill, it takes some study and playful experimentation to grow adept on the Enlightenment Network.  But even with a small amount of practice almost everyone can have effective and creative experiences.

Try out these basic directions if you:

    • want to get more clear in your life
    • desire to affect a social, political, or environmental situation
    • are in the mood for healthy, life promoting entertainment
    • yearn to direct your creativity in meaningful ways
    • enjoy listening and learning from original sources of information

So many people are craving ways to improve the world, develop themselves, promote love and peace, and enjoy their life.  The Global Enlightenment Network is an empowering opportunity for all of us to experience incredible leverage, and we welcome you to try it out.

The Network is for Everyone

The Global Enlightenment Network is a telepathic communications network for personal, community, & global consciousness development.  Many people think the concept of it is great, but feel a bit intimidated to actually try to use it.   It is not complicated, but it does take an open mind and a little bit of practice to gain the ability to 'get online' and navigate effectively.

The good news is that if you follow some very basic directions, you are not going to hurt yourself or anyone else as you are learning;  you just will not be able to input or interpret much information very effectively.


1. Activate Your Energy Body

The energy body (sometimes called the outerbody or aura) is a functional energy system which is currently accelerating in its evolutionary development.  It is a bioplasmic extension of your physical body that consists of many layers of vibrational life force.  It merges with, nourishes, and protects your physical form.  Your organs, bones, muscles, glands, etc. all derive their life force from the activity of your energy body.

Even though this layer of you is not visible to most people, it has very specific functions and activities. Just thinking about this layer of your body begins to stimulate it.  Sitting quietly and putting some attention on the space surrounding your physical body helps to activate your energy body even more.

Take some slow, conscious breaths, and feel your skin and the space around it.  If you have any sensation of pressure or numbness on your skin, or notice that the border of your skin begins to feel a bit 'blurry', then the process of activating your energy body has already begun.


2. Follow Your Attention

When you contemplate things you would like to influence or learn from in your personal reality and/or the global landscape in this more expanded state, notice where your attention goes.  It might go to a personal relationship, an environmental issue, or a political figure.  Perhaps your attention will go to an animal or plant, a crystal, a planet, the sound of an insect, water....  Wherever your attention goes, follow it.


3. Your Imagination IS the Action

INPUT INFORMATION ~  If you find yourself focused on something you would like to affect, imagine how you would like it to be, or the direction you would like to see things move.  Then register your conscious 'vote' while in this expanded state.  Voting telepathically requires a simple casting of your so called ballot with your thought - it is that simple.

At first you may not feel that this is effective because you can't put your hands on it directly.  But casting your vote in this way actually can carry more clout than an actual voting booth, board meeting or political march.  One indication that you are really connecting with a person(s) is that you will fell a sort of 'click' when your thought/intention goes towards them.

RECEIVE INFORMATION ~ You may want to also relax and listen to information flowing towards you that may help you understand other points of view on the situation and bring more synthesis into the dynamic. If you find your attention drawn to a life form, nature element, sound, color, gemstone, etc.  let yourself relax and let any impressions and sensations penetrate your field.  Experience whatever flows through you without trying to interpret it.

The Global Enlightenment Network is a frequency band full of information (just like the internet!) that can enrich your life in many ways.  When your energy body is expanded you can tap into this library and 'read' different swaths of material for learning and entertainment.


4. Logging Off

If at any point you feel any fear or discomfort, or you feel finished with your activities, bring your attention back to sensations of your physical body:  your bones, your skin, your breath, your feet, etc.  This automatically  begins to contract your outerbody back in, so that your membranes become more closed again.

Contracting your energy body by focusing on your physical form allows you to get off the network when you are finished working/playing there.  It is like getting off the internet by closing your browser.

The Power of Telepathy

Mental activity, i.e. thinking, occurs at a higher vibration than emotions or physical material.  It is quite radiatory, and can cut like a laser beam through more dense layers of our reality.  This is why people say our thoughts are so powerful, and why so many New Age and holistic practitioners say we can affect our life with our thoughts.


Our thoughts travel around much of the time telepathically, but often without specific focus or accuracy.  When we expand the outerbody first, and then begin to work with thoughts consciously, mental focus, positive affirmations and visualizations have much more power to affect conditions.  Like tuning into a certain radio station, you are 'tuning' your body to align more specifically with the frequency of telepathic communication. In an expanded state, your mental activity is more aligned with your emotional and physical layers.

All of these vibrational layers are also penetrating deeply into your body, merging into your cells.  Your energy body is not just on the 'outside' of your physical form, it merges deeply through all the layers of your organs, muscles, ligaments, glands, blood, bones, etc.  When your energy body is expanded and you  'think,' your whole system is more aligned with the thinking, and the thoughts have a very different amount of life force thrusting forth along with them.

Like a rocket with a powerful booster, the thoughts can now catapult into a new realm of frequency, thus travelling further and more accurately.