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Key: Nuclear Containment

Telepathic Transmission for Key #3

(this went out telepathically with the above Key phrase;  it was written out here about one month afterwards)

At the mental level, coordinated images can be generated to match the frequencies of the leaked radiation and contain the harmful effects.  This is possible because mental activity in the human energy field functions as a radiatory body.  When groups of people are focusing on similar images and ideas the impact of this activity has greater leverage toward the intent.

On the Global Enlightenment Network, you can spend 20 seconds - five minutes a day to effectively contain the radiation leaks by directing your awareness to the nuclear pollution.  When seeing the radioactive clouds spreading through air or into land or water, you can mentally contain and condense the high-speed radioactive force.  You can use your will to slow the radioactive vibration into harmless energetic pulses.

Do this whenever your attention goes to the meltdown or pollution story. When you experience feelings of anger or despair over the current global approach to energy production (which is logarithmically poisoning the earth and its atmosphere) you can redirect the energy and force of those feelings.  Every time these thoughts or concerns are in your attention, expand the outerbody and use your telepathic imaging to slow down, contain and neutralize the radioactivity.

With concerted effort, global energy production can be shifted to renewable sources at light speed - practically overnight. Total reorientation of the industrial complex has happened before:  the mobilization of production in the USA at the beginning of WWII is the classic example.  Telepathic lobbying directed to the consciousness of environmental policy makers, industrial leaders and investment pools can catalyze an immediate change of focus to renewable technologies.  By making telepathic contact, the awakened planetary population* can change energy policy to an organically symbiotic and environmentally responsible direction. The awakened population can insist that renewable/biodegradable energy and products become mandatory.

Work on Nuclear Containment From the Comfort of Your Own Home

*You and I