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Frequency Management

Frequency Management

Learn to manage your frequency with unique meditative exercises by Global Enlightenment Network. Taking care of your own frequencies (energetic, emotional, mental, & physical) is the one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, your family, and the planet.


Getting Started

Here are a few steps you could take right now to expand your frequencies:

  1. Take a few conscious breaths while allowing your attention to come into your body.
  2. Let your focus go to the space immediately surrounding your physical body and see if you can FEEL that space.  This begins to activate your bioplasmic energy body.
  3. Imagine that this space around your physical body merges into it your physical form.  If you feel a little shiver or warmth wash through your body when you do this, then you actually initiated some physical change in the frequency of your system.

When your body is vibrating at a more expanded frequency range, this immediately affects your physical health, emotions, and mental state. This can increase productivity, creativity, relaxation, and vitality. Anything that you do in this state will be more focused and powerful. It is worth it to take a little time and effort, because it will save you even MORE time and effort right away.

By consciously expanding our range of vibratory frequencies, we take responsibility for what we are contributing to our world vibrationally. 


Learning More

If you want to learn an extended process to activate and expand your energy system, please click on the button below to download a free audio called "Energy Body Expansion".  This 30 minute guided journey will lead you through a series of unique meditative exercises for health and GEN participation.

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