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Politics as usual.... or not

Sick of politics as usual?

Many awakening people around the world are experiencing growing frustration and distress with our political, social, economic and environmental institutions. Yet because it can be draining to focus energy to 'battle' for change in these arenas of activity, a fair portion of them shy away from politics and social activism in the traditional sense. And although it may be true that they are avoiding the work, or in denial of their responsibilities, or simply too weak to be taking part, there is another reason: people are evolving.

We are not just evolving in our ideas, concepts and understandings. The human energy system itself, which is an extension of our more familiar 'solid' physiology, is in a stage of rapid development. This will give us the ability to use our own bodies as direct communication 'devices'.

The evolution of the human energy system.

Instead of using the internet and our phones, we will be able to activate parts of our vibrational body to directly exchange information with people, animals, plants, and other consciousness forms. (There has of course always been a portion of the population who could do this, but it will become more widespread.) This means our bodies are becoming more suited to bring about transformation in new ways, but we do not yet know how to access and leverage these capabilities.  


Leverage Your Life Force

It is important to identify where you can leverage your life force in order to live a fulfilling, joyful life. Focusing on trying to change the mass projection that is being played out on the world stage is not the most efficient way to enact change. A much more effective way to expand the consciousness of our human community is to learn how to manage your own developing energy system and then project that vibrational matrix outward.

Do you feel more attracted to sitting quietly in a peaceful space and going inward rather than drive 2 hours to a political protest or get involved in local politics? Would you prefer exercising or walking in nature to getting involved in the school PTA or bake sale? It could be that your feelings are trying to guide you towards more efficient, effective, and fulfilling approaches to improving the world around you.

I'm sure you have heard of the old sinking ship story: the boat has a leak and instead of plugging the leak the guy keeps bailing out the water. The scenarios unfolding in the human sphere often look like that. We are attempting to address our problems from the level of where they are playing out, rather than dealing with the deeper sources of the dysfunctions.

Many people are working (very hard!) to try and solve the issues of violence, corruption, environmental degradation, economic problems, social injustice, racism, etc. through methods that are not really able to create the changes that they envision. Sometimes there are positive effects from huge amounts of work, but often it seems like lots of effort is expended without much positive result. So the same problems keep playing out, over and over and over.  In all areas of the world.


Would You Still Use Morse Code?

Leveraging your life force at different frequencies can give you more 'bang for your buck' when it comes to influencing the consciousness of our human community. Imagine attempting to make an impact on a teenager's perspective by sending messages via morse code.  Your communication could be crystal clear in morse code, but who has a telegraph to receive it? Who knows the code?  And we know most teens would prefer current methods of communication, which are more efficient and speedy.

The ways that we continue to work in government, lobbying, medicine, crisis relief, and other social structures is kind of like sending messages in morse code. Our methods are often out of date and inefficient. If a message actually does penetrating anyone else's awareness, there is a high likelihood it doesn't translate properly anyway.

Of course, we can't immediately change how we communicate and exchange information, and we need to continue to be involved in our current social institutions in order to prevent total chaos. But we CAN begin to transition in a conscious way towards ways of information exchange and activity that are much more suited to our current biology. If the thought of getting involved in traditional politics or organizations does not appeal to you, and technology seems to tire you out, it will probably be more effective for you to work through more expanded frequency 'channels' to enact change in the world.

You may be asking, 'But how do I do that?' Just being aware of the possibility begins to accelerate your capacity to interact at these expanded levels of information exchange. Following your interests and taking care of yourself through exercise, diet, time in nature, and fulfilling personal relationships helps. Learning some basic energy body expansion techniques and practicing on a regular basis will develop your abilities in a conscious way. Please click the button below to download a free audio on this process:


Politics as Unusual

Working through the third dimensional political system has limited capacity to enact change in our human community. And although it can be important to engage in that dimension of events, we each have a growing capacity to exert leverage at a whole different level of exchange. By expanding our perceptual frequencies and applying leverage from other levels of reality (that happen to be much more 'real'), we can introduce new information with less friction and more effectiveness. It is a new dimension of politics that has the power to make peace, prosperity, and cooperation a reality for all life on this planet.

This type of 'politics' has so much potency. It will not take huge numbers of people to create a harmonic lifescape that we all can experience and enjoy. Once a small percentage of our planetary population begins to interact consciously at expanded frequencies of politics, a peaceful transformation of our current institutions could occur seemingly overnight.

Feeling the Energy Body Part III: Slow Motion Movement

This is the third part of a series called "Feeling Your Energy Body."

GEN exercises go through a unique process of sensitizing and activating the human energy system for better health, and for participation on the worldwide telepathic web. This short video will take you through the third step to sensitize your awareness of your energy body. It involves going through some simple movements in slow motion.

The information in the video can provide many benefits:

  1. It is a tool for personal health & relaxation
  2. It can enhance meditative practices you may already do
  3. It can be used as a step to expand into GEN activities if you choose


    Moving in slow motion stimulates activity of the body’s proprioceptive system. This is the part of our nervous system that monitors and maintains alignment. It also detects motion within the body and outside the body.

    By linking our consciousness to proprioceptive activity, we become aware of a whole dimension that we were not aware of before. We notice sensations that formerly did not register in the conscious mind. It is through the proprioceptive awareness that we first detect the energy body, see auric vibrations and receive telepathic information. This eventually evolves into a proprioceptive awareness that improves the quality of daily living.

    When the proprioceptive awareness is activated in this way, proprioception can be used to create alignment in space and time not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. It becomes easier to discern the true life direction from the integrated dimension of the soul.

    We welcome your comments and questions below.

    Feeling the Energy Body: Part I

    Here is a short exercise to begin the process of feeling your energy body.  You can use it for health and GEN activities.

    Remember when you learned to use the internet?  You had to get a computer or smartphone, learn how to get online, download a browser program and figure out how to open it up.  Then came the beginning of doing searches, finding websites, and navigating through them to get the information that you wanted.  Getting an email address and communicating in that way was another process to explore.

    Learning to use Global Enlightenment Network has a similar kind of progression.  First and foremost a participant has to prime their body so that it can be used to 'get online.'  The first steps in this process have to do with actually beginning to FEEL your body, which most of us have been trained quite deeply to actively ignore.

    Instead of using an external device such as a computer or phone to connect to the operating network, GEN only requires that you have a body, which obviously you do or you wouldn't be sitting there reading this!  There are many practices out there - yoga, different forms of meditation, tai chi, many types of exercise workouts, etc. - which work to bring people into a deeper connection with their body.

    After the first few steps, GEN exercises go into a more unique process of sensitizing and activating the human energy system.  There are some unique aspects throughout the whole process, but the beginning has many things you will recognize:  bringing attention to the body, to the breath, etc.

    The short video below will take you through the beginning steps to feel your body and your energy body.  You can enjoy it while sitting wherever you are, even watching as you go through it.  Or you can sit quietly near your phone or computer, close your eyes, and go into it more deeply.  It is good for health and relaxation, regardless if you go on to use it to connect to the GEN and participate consciously on the worldwide telepathic web.

    If you have comments or questions, please leave us feedback below.  See you on the web!  

    Frequency Management

    Frequency Management

    Learn to manage your frequency with unique meditative exercises by Global Enlightenment Network. Taking care of your own frequencies (energetic, emotional, mental, & physical) is the one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, your family, and the planet.


    Getting Started

    Here are a few steps you could take right now to expand your frequencies:

    1. Take a few conscious breaths while allowing your attention to come into your body.
    2. Let your focus go to the space immediately surrounding your physical body and see if you can FEEL that space.  This begins to activate your bioplasmic energy body.
    3. Imagine that this space around your physical body merges into it your physical form.  If you feel a little shiver or warmth wash through your body when you do this, then you actually initiated some physical change in the frequency of your system.

    When your body is vibrating at a more expanded frequency range, this immediately affects your physical health, emotions, and mental state. This can increase productivity, creativity, relaxation, and vitality. Anything that you do in this state will be more focused and powerful. It is worth it to take a little time and effort, because it will save you even MORE time and effort right away.

    By consciously expanding our range of vibratory frequencies, we take responsibility for what we are contributing to our world vibrationally. 


    Learning More

    If you want to learn an extended process to activate and expand your energy system, please click on the button below to download a free audio called "Energy Body Expansion".  This 30 minute guided journey will lead you through a series of unique meditative exercises for health and GEN participation.

    We welcome your comments & questions below  

    Security Against Hackers on GEN

    "Do you offer security against 'hackers' that could drain my life force when I am connected to the Global Enlightenment Network?"

    This is a common question about Global Enlightenment Network. The energetic exercises to expand your frequency range and get 'online' GEN carry the key to your protection while using the network. These exercises help you to do several things:

    1. expand your frequency range to develop awareness of subtle energies and vibrations
    2. teach you to identify the vibrational membranes of your outerbody or energy body
    3. learn to regulate the selective permeability of your membranes so that you have the ability to protect yourself from negative or draining influences
    4. identify if negative influences (or 'hackers') are present so that you can take steps to prevent problems
    5. cleanse your system of toxins or 'infection' if breaches of your membranes have occurred

    Your security becomes your responsibility when using the telepathic web. You become the front line to provide security against hackers. This can be empowering, but also a bit intimidating. Although most of us do not like the idea of putting our security in the hands of others, we also do not necessarily want to take responsibility for it ourselves!

    More Power = More Responsibility

    There is good news on this front however! In order to consciously navigate on GEN, you need to have the basic skills of outerbody activation and regulation.  These skills also provide you with the ability to protect yourself from negative influences.  But you do have to USE the tools and stay aware. Part of becoming more conscious and exerting more influence is that your responsibility level goes up. In other words, more power = more responsibility.

    The fact that someone would even ask this question means that they are already involved in learning (even unconsciously) how to operate their membranes. Regulating the openness of your vibrational body becomes second nature, similar to how you remember to close your door when you leave your home, lock your car if leaving it in a crowded place, or turn off your cell phone when you do not want to be interrupted.

    GEN is a Protected Network

    GEN itself is a protected network. One reason for that is because the Global Enlightenment Network itself is not accessible unless you are able to expand into a certain frequency band. And when someone is able to expand into that frequency band, their system is developed to a certain consciousness level that greatly decreases the tendency to do harm to another or take advantage of another.

    Once a human being is vibrating at these frequencies, they experience directly that we are all a connected field. So to do harm to 'another' at that point simply does not make sense, nor is it stimulating. There isn't separation in the same way that we feel as separate beings in our 'normal' everyday lives.

    Therefore, the capability to get online GEN is itself is a powerful filter that helps to prevent negative influences. Someone simply can not access the frequency band until they are at a certain stage of consciousness. And that level of consciousness naturally absolves someone's desire to act out of fear, anger, and violence against another being.

    Note:  If you would like some specific instruction on using GEN exercises to help clear your system of negative influences, click here to check out the audio "Psychic Protection".

    FAQ Part I about Global Enlightenment Network

    Welcome to FAQ Part I about GEN


    We are sharing a series of audios about Global Enlightenment Network (GEN) in order to assist people to use the telepathic web, and also to give a taste of our upcoming online course:  Global Enlightenment I.  Material in these audios will include answers to many of the questions people have been asking about the telepathic web.  

    Often people would like to participate on the Global Enlightenment Network, but are not sure what it is or how to get started.  We invite you to relax, listen, and learn more about this cutting edge communications network.  It offers enormous potential for consciousness transformation, and can bring a wealth of expanded experience into your daily life.

    Please share any feedback below.  We would love to hear from you, and welcome your comments & questions!

    We are grateful to each of you who are at some level drawn to help develop the Enlightenment Network in order to enrich your own life, and assist in the co-creation of a peaceful world.  Your yearning for a reality that is based on love and conscious respect is a powerful force that has a potent impact at the frequency of telepathic communication.  Moving that yearning and intention into this frequency band of exchange will give you invaluable return on your investment of time and energy.