Bio-Hologenic Event Images

What Are Neurodigital Bio-Hologenic Event Images? This phrase refers to the process by which 'thoughts' transfer into manifestation in the third dimension.  Mental energy must penetrate into the layer of molecular and atomic activity on this plane in order to consciously order it into structured  vistas that constitute our created world.  Bio-hologenic, neuro-digital particles are the packages that deliver mind substance into the organic/physical dimension to create event images.

Our consciousness can be the mechanism to participate in this reality-making with great precision, creativity, and purpose.  Outernet offers an identified frequency band of in-formation exchange to facilitate the promotion of conscious co-creation.

Real Time Streaming of Bio-Hologenic Event-Images

The earth plane is an inter-acting collection of bio-hologenic event-images (bhg).  These multidimensional events originate at the deepest level of the human psyche, which then drives the belief vehicle and creates the event-images.  We humans accept what is happening around us as true functional reality.

Current physical events and planetary life dynamics (which make up all news events) are a condensation of a delayed, dispersed, decaying, fragmented nightmare, which is being generated unconsciously at this time.  The collective earth/human harmonic homeostasis has been fragmented due to interference originating in the stress belief package that was subscribed to as beings entered the bio-logical earth paradigm.

The Global Enlightenment Network:  Conscious In-formation

On the Global Enlightenment Network we are streaming conscious bio-hologenic event images in real time.  These have the potential to replace the fear-war-greed ridden, energy draining matrix of “being” on this planet.  As a benefit of emerging faculties within our upgrading human system, we can now engage consciously in the telepathic-holographic, neuro-digital outernet field.  We can live stream penetrating, holistic and energy regenerating bio-hologenic event-images that reorganize the current destructive and negative 'acting out' bio-digital matrix into a symbiotic, regenerative bio-digital realty flow.

This regenerative reality is characterized by peace priority, gratefulness, humor, and happiness for no particular reason.  The process is now upgrading the earth experience from homo sapiens divisiveness to the homo genius brilliant diamond- grade vibration.