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The Power of Collective Thought Images

Our thoughts interact with the thoughts of others, and we collectively impact all strata of the environment around us. This includes organic, social, and spiritual activity.  So it makes sense for us to spend some time on a regular basis refining the quality of our collective thoughts and noticing the images we create at the mind level.

Creating Thought Images
Creating Thought Images

There is a great benefit and reward for taking the time to step back and observe what and how we are thinking, and to realize we can consciously influence the quality of the never-ending stream of thoughts that we produce.  As we collectively project a new quality of visual thoughts, the holographic, neuro-digital dimension of those thought-images will undergo a bio-plasmic genesis.  That then reorganizes 3 dimensional organic substance until it matches the matrix of the awakened thought stream.

From the collective convergence of intentional visual thought, a new media will arise and dissolve the negative divisive programming with which we are currently inundated.  Planetary priority will reorient around ecologically symbiotic enterprises fueled by renewable energy, greed free transparent economics, and a prevention based, holistic health care system. Politics will evolve and transform into a festival like atmosphere, which organizes celebrations and oversees conservation of resources.  Media will be enlightenment based and prioritized on consciousness expansion - instead of social media, we will have transformational media.

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