Politics as usual.... or not

Sick of politics as usual?

Many awakening people around the world are experiencing growing frustration and distress with our political, social, economic and environmental institutions. Yet because it can be draining to focus energy to 'battle' for change in these arenas of activity, a fair portion of them shy away from politics and social activism in the traditional sense. And although it may be true that they are avoiding the work, or in denial of their responsibilities, or simply too weak to be taking part, there is another reason: people are evolving.

We are not just evolving in our ideas, concepts and understandings. The human energy system itself, which is an extension of our more familiar 'solid' physiology, is in a stage of rapid development. This will give us the ability to use our own bodies as direct communication 'devices'.

The evolution of the human energy system.

Instead of using the internet and our phones, we will be able to activate parts of our vibrational body to directly exchange information with people, animals, plants, and other consciousness forms. (There has of course always been a portion of the population who could do this, but it will become more widespread.) This means our bodies are becoming more suited to bring about transformation in new ways, but we do not yet know how to access and leverage these capabilities.  


Leverage Your Life Force

It is important to identify where you can leverage your life force in order to live a fulfilling, joyful life. Focusing on trying to change the mass projection that is being played out on the world stage is not the most efficient way to enact change. A much more effective way to expand the consciousness of our human community is to learn how to manage your own developing energy system and then project that vibrational matrix outward.

Do you feel more attracted to sitting quietly in a peaceful space and going inward rather than drive 2 hours to a political protest or get involved in local politics? Would you prefer exercising or walking in nature to getting involved in the school PTA or bake sale? It could be that your feelings are trying to guide you towards more efficient, effective, and fulfilling approaches to improving the world around you.

I'm sure you have heard of the old sinking ship story: the boat has a leak and instead of plugging the leak the guy keeps bailing out the water. The scenarios unfolding in the human sphere often look like that. We are attempting to address our problems from the level of where they are playing out, rather than dealing with the deeper sources of the dysfunctions.

Many people are working (very hard!) to try and solve the issues of violence, corruption, environmental degradation, economic problems, social injustice, racism, etc. through methods that are not really able to create the changes that they envision. Sometimes there are positive effects from huge amounts of work, but often it seems like lots of effort is expended without much positive result. So the same problems keep playing out, over and over and over.  In all areas of the world.


Would You Still Use Morse Code?

Leveraging your life force at different frequencies can give you more 'bang for your buck' when it comes to influencing the consciousness of our human community. Imagine attempting to make an impact on a teenager's perspective by sending messages via morse code.  Your communication could be crystal clear in morse code, but who has a telegraph to receive it? Who knows the code?  And we know most teens would prefer current methods of communication, which are more efficient and speedy.

The ways that we continue to work in government, lobbying, medicine, crisis relief, and other social structures is kind of like sending messages in morse code. Our methods are often out of date and inefficient. If a message actually does penetrating anyone else's awareness, there is a high likelihood it doesn't translate properly anyway.

Of course, we can't immediately change how we communicate and exchange information, and we need to continue to be involved in our current social institutions in order to prevent total chaos. But we CAN begin to transition in a conscious way towards ways of information exchange and activity that are much more suited to our current biology. If the thought of getting involved in traditional politics or organizations does not appeal to you, and technology seems to tire you out, it will probably be more effective for you to work through more expanded frequency 'channels' to enact change in the world.

You may be asking, 'But how do I do that?' Just being aware of the possibility begins to accelerate your capacity to interact at these expanded levels of information exchange. Following your interests and taking care of yourself through exercise, diet, time in nature, and fulfilling personal relationships helps. Learning some basic energy body expansion techniques and practicing on a regular basis will develop your abilities in a conscious way. Please click the button below to download a free audio on this process:


Politics as Unusual

Working through the third dimensional political system has limited capacity to enact change in our human community. And although it can be important to engage in that dimension of events, we each have a growing capacity to exert leverage at a whole different level of exchange. By expanding our perceptual frequencies and applying leverage from other levels of reality (that happen to be much more 'real'), we can introduce new information with less friction and more effectiveness. It is a new dimension of politics that has the power to make peace, prosperity, and cooperation a reality for all life on this planet.

This type of 'politics' has so much potency. It will not take huge numbers of people to create a harmonic lifescape that we all can experience and enjoy. Once a small percentage of our planetary population begins to interact consciously at expanded frequencies of politics, a peaceful transformation of our current institutions could occur seemingly overnight.

Use GEN to Make Life Easier

The concept of a worldwide telepathic web that can bring more efficiency, accuracy, and creativity to communication is appealing, but it is a pretty out-there idea to lots of people. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you believe it is feasible.  But you may secretly think "It might work for people who meditate and do yoga all the time, but I don't think I can do it." The good news is that this is most definitely not the case.  Anyone who is interested in GEN can begin to use the network for personal and planetary healing adventures.  The only requirement is that in your heart you crave to experience a more peaceful, loving world.

Another concern about GEN many of you have is that you simply do not have time to add one more thing to your plate.  "How much time will it take anyway?  I am already overwhelmed!" This concern about time has been one of the main forces behind us developing GEN in the first place.  This could be the key to helping RELEASE you from the overwhelm-ment.  Once you learn the basic steps to expand your energy system in order to bring your body to the frequency band of GEN, you can use it in less than a second from wherever you are.  It can bring more ease, time, and freedom to you, while also increasing your health and accomplishing soul-fulfilling work.


GEN can make life easier

Concerned about the crisis with ISIS?  Expand your outerbody, then stream light from your heart chakra to that region for a few moments when you are shampooing your hair in the shower and presto! you have helped the situation.  Mulling over an argument you had with your child or mate?  Follow some simple steps to adjust your energy system, and then input some new information into the vibrational matrix of the interaction.  The immediate easing of the power struggle can be startling.  Tuning your body first, before using mental energy and psychological awareness to transform a situation, is the unique factor in the GEN process.

Instead of wasting countless moments throughout your day (and night!) worrying, streaming anger and fear, trying to mentally untangle confusion and only finding yourself more mired than before, that energy can be redirected into a network for conscious creation. You do not need to be on your computer, sitting in a quiet room for an hour, or in the physical location where you would like to make an impact.  Work on GEN when your kids are asleep, you are stuck standing in line, on hold on the phone, frustrated in a meeting.... you can use GEN anywhere, anytime.  In total privacy. 

The Power of Collective Thought Images

Our thoughts interact with the thoughts of others, and we collectively impact all strata of the environment around us. This includes organic, social, and spiritual activity.  So it makes sense for us to spend some time on a regular basis refining the quality of our collective thoughts and noticing the images we create at the mind level.

Creating Thought Images
Creating Thought Images

There is a great benefit and reward for taking the time to step back and observe what and how we are thinking, and to realize we can consciously influence the quality of the never-ending stream of thoughts that we produce.  As we collectively project a new quality of visual thoughts, the holographic, neuro-digital dimension of those thought-images will undergo a bio-plasmic genesis.  That then reorganizes 3 dimensional organic substance until it matches the matrix of the awakened thought stream.

From the collective convergence of intentional visual thought, a new media will arise and dissolve the negative divisive programming with which we are currently inundated.  Planetary priority will reorient around ecologically symbiotic enterprises fueled by renewable energy, greed free transparent economics, and a prevention based, holistic health care system. Politics will evolve and transform into a festival like atmosphere, which organizes celebrations and oversees conservation of resources.  Media will be enlightenment based and prioritized on consciousness expansion - instead of social media, we will have transformational media.

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Conscious Evolution: Make up Your Mind to Wake up Your Mind

Evolution is an ongoing process of which we can be a conscious participant.  Your body is not a static thing;  your body is an evolving system with complex energetic components that are accelerating in their development at this time.  This process can be stimulated by conscious involvement of the mind.  Learning to activate and regulate this evolutionary process is healthful, relaxing, creative, and just plain fun.  If you find yourself bored with regular activities and discouraged about the state of the so called real world, you may want to take advantage of the opportunities Outernet can bring to your life.  It is up to you to make up your mind to wake up your mind, and be a part of conscious evolution.

The Global Enlightenment Network can enrich your life in many ways.

We all want to live in a more peaceful world, we all want to live in a more loving world.  But all around us is evidence of fear, greed, anger, conflict and violence.  The Enlightenment Network is a forum where awakening individuals can learn to use their life force for the co-creation of a heart-centered world, and take responsibility for directing our evolution in ways that are self-sustainable, inspirational, and joyful.

People use the telepathic web for many things, including:  

  • social, environmental & political activism
  • spiritual connection
  • self-development
  • healing & stress reduction
  • entertainment!

This expanded frequency network is a powerful vehicle for transformative change, and is also gaining popularity as a new form of healthful entertainment.  The telepathic web holds a vast and barely tapped potential for creating solutions to many of the challenges (war, economic meltdown, ecological destruction) that face us today.  

Remember when the internet seemed like a pie-in-the-sky idea? 

The Enlightenment Network might seem like a strange and unusual thing to some, but to many people it makes complete sense.  It offers a forum for personal and global transformation that is refreshing, inspiring, and tremendously exciting.  It is going to take ideas that are out of our comfort zone to bring about real change in our world.

The Enlightenment Network is the most potent opportunity for the awakening population to stimulate the evolution of mass consciousness.

We all are looking for ways to improve ourselves and our world, and here is an incredibly unique, evolutionary, original communications system that provides great leverage for change while increasing health.  Instead of feeling exhausted and hopeless trying to push change through at the dense level of the present mass media and political system, the telepathic web offers people tools to exert leverage from a higher frequency platform.  Using less effort, your 'vote' can be registered easily and with great effectiveness.