A Harmonic Humanity

Our Developing Energy System & the Chakras

Humans are going through an acceleration of development right now in their energy system. Instead of developing a circulatory, digestive, or respiratory system (which we of course already have), we are now developing a more complex and functional vibrational energy body. And this development can be accelerated and directed by our consciousness.

Chakras are one component of this developing system. Chakras are energy vortexes that are localized in the etheric body, and anchor into the physical body. Each chakra contributes physical, emotional, and psychological qualities to our personality and its expression.

Besides energetic value, each chakra acts as a tonal center in each area of the body. It produces overtones which resonate throughout the bone structure, tissue system, organs, and outerbody layers. The harmonics of a chakra need to be in tune with each other and also have resonance with other chakras in order to function at an optimum.

The chakras of one person also interact with and are conditioned by the chakras of other people. This plays a vital role in the development of group phenomenon and ultimately, society. The chakras influence the way we create social structures, such as education, government, and religion. They also influence the formation of languages, the creation of our living environments, and the styles we choose.


The Evolving Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the crossover point between the 3 main lower and 3 main upper chakras in the body. It gives bravery and compassion, along with the capacity to share and empower. As this chakra awakens, it also activates the ability to perceive humanity as a unified light field within which individuals serve as photon particles.  

People gain the capacity to synthesize opposites and resolve conflicts with win-win solutions. Unconditional love becomes an active principle, rather than a mental concept. A harmonic humanity will emerge as a birth/manifestation of this awakening.

For a long period of time the heart chakra has been bifurcated into a male and female aspect. The male aspect is the traditionally known heart chakra, whereas the female aspect has been veiled until recently. This female aspect connects into the physical body at the manubrium (the top of the sternum or breastbone), and is associated with the thymus gland. The male aspect's symbol is an isosceles triangle, and the female aspect's symbol is the same triangle turned upside down.  As these two parts of the heart chakra become activated they will then merge into one chakra complex.

heart chakra


The merging of these two aspects of the heart chakra can be activated by the six pointed star symbol, which is the male and female heart symbols merged together. Although this symbol has come to represent the Jewish faith to many people, it has a more multi-dimensional meaning than any one religion can place upon it. This will lead to the harmony between male and female principles on this planet, and a synthesis between what previously appeared to be opposing forces.

The Global Enlightenment Network is a telepathic communications network for the promotion of a harmonic humanity.