Heart Chakra

Livestreaming Love

Love ~? Love.  What is it?  In literature, media, film, and song it is often associated with attachment, need, and emotion.  It can come in different flavors:

  • a certain tenderness in the heart, a softness of feeling
  • fiery passion and arousal
  • deep loyalty and devotion to family/friends
  • compassion for suffering
  • the willingness to serve others in whatever way is needed
Calvin and Susie arguing
Calvin and Susie arguing

Much of this so-called 'love' is not actually emotion extended from the heart in an unconditional exchange of bonding.  It is an immature form of love, expressing itself through channels restricted by limiting beliefs and emotional wounds.  Although intentions may be good, the energy of the love feeling often becomes twisted by these restrictions and ends up expressing something quite different than the original intent.  An example of this would be when a romantic relationship goes sour and partners end up hurting each other rather than supporting each other.  Or family members that keep trying to get along, but repeatedly fall into patterns that create separation rather than closeness.

Love and the Heart Chakra

There are many practices that have systems of handling our emotional landscapes so that we can learn to be more 'loving':  psychology, religion, philosophy, etc.  But love can be also be contemplated from the reference point of the evolving human energy system.  We are a developing species, always involved in a process of growth - physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.  Our energy system is presently changing at a rapid rate, and it may be an important key in learning how to truly exchange a mature love with the world around us.

During this last period of human history, most of us have had intense activity in our solar plexus chakra, an energy vortex that connects into our physical body right at the solar plexus (a little below the sternum, and above the navel).  This chakra stimulates the digestive system, regulates function of the pancreas, generates alot of emotional activity, and promotes individuality and personal power.

As a person's energy system develops, the chakras (or energy centers) in the upper part of the body start to become more active, and as a species we are moving more into the vibration of the activating heart chakra.  This is one of the reasons we are so enthralled with the topic of love!  We are learning about it as fast as we can, because we crave to be love, to know love, to feel love.  We crave to understand and experience love that is vibrating from the heart chakra.

But 'solar plexus love,' which is more associated with need, jealousy, and personal attachment, is not really love.  When a charismatic leader takes heart energy and expresses it through activity of the solar plexus, it can entice whole populations into intense acting out of very unloving scenarios.  Hitler is an example of this phenomenon, and cults and gurus often fall into this same pattern.  Emotions expressed from the solar plexus chakra result in polarity, conflict, and extreme beliefs.

Heart Chakra Symbol
Heart Chakra Symbol

The heart chakra gives the capacity for a more non-personal, global love and compassion.  It is detached from needing anything from anyone or anything.  When someone's heart chakra is activated they feel unconditional love and care for other people, the planet, and all beings.  It produces win-win solutions, empathy, synthesis, and compassion.  We can promote our capacity for this kind of love by working with our mind and body to stimulate and regulate our energy system.  Consciousness is the key to activating heart chakra energy.  A little conscious involvement goes a long way towards being able to move more fully into this kind of experience.


People all over the planet are waking up.  As we learn to expand and regulate our energy systems, we will develop new methods of exerting leverage in the world around us.  The power of a pulsating heart chakra is incredible and can transform suffering very quickly.  Imagine how when you flick on a light switch, a dark impenetrable space can suddenly become completely visible and much easier to 'understand.'  Activating the heart chakra is like turning on a switch.  It can immediately change the perception of an experience so that suffering and pain are replaced by understanding, peace, and harmony.  It is not a mistake that awakening is also called enlightenment.


To listen to a short audio to help activate heart chakra energy, please click on the audio below:


The Global Enlightenment Network is a communications network for the broadcast of activating heart chakra energy to promote harmony on our planet.  It can also be used for information exchange, creativity, social activism, and entertainment.  Your energy body is the ticket to get online the telepathic web.  All that it takes is a little knowledge and a little practice, just like when you first used the internet.  

Please feel free to share any heart chakra or telepathic web experiences you have had in the comment section below. 

A Harmonic Humanity

Our Developing Energy System & the Chakras

Humans are going through an acceleration of development right now in their energy system. Instead of developing a circulatory, digestive, or respiratory system (which we of course already have), we are now developing a more complex and functional vibrational energy body. And this development can be accelerated and directed by our consciousness.

Chakras are one component of this developing system. Chakras are energy vortexes that are localized in the etheric body, and anchor into the physical body. Each chakra contributes physical, emotional, and psychological qualities to our personality and its expression.

Besides energetic value, each chakra acts as a tonal center in each area of the body. It produces overtones which resonate throughout the bone structure, tissue system, organs, and outerbody layers. The harmonics of a chakra need to be in tune with each other and also have resonance with other chakras in order to function at an optimum.

The chakras of one person also interact with and are conditioned by the chakras of other people. This plays a vital role in the development of group phenomenon and ultimately, society. The chakras influence the way we create social structures, such as education, government, and religion. They also influence the formation of languages, the creation of our living environments, and the styles we choose.


The Evolving Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the crossover point between the 3 main lower and 3 main upper chakras in the body. It gives bravery and compassion, along with the capacity to share and empower. As this chakra awakens, it also activates the ability to perceive humanity as a unified light field within which individuals serve as photon particles.  

People gain the capacity to synthesize opposites and resolve conflicts with win-win solutions. Unconditional love becomes an active principle, rather than a mental concept. A harmonic humanity will emerge as a birth/manifestation of this awakening.

For a long period of time the heart chakra has been bifurcated into a male and female aspect. The male aspect is the traditionally known heart chakra, whereas the female aspect has been veiled until recently. This female aspect connects into the physical body at the manubrium (the top of the sternum or breastbone), and is associated with the thymus gland. The male aspect's symbol is an isosceles triangle, and the female aspect's symbol is the same triangle turned upside down.  As these two parts of the heart chakra become activated they will then merge into one chakra complex.

heart chakra


The merging of these two aspects of the heart chakra can be activated by the six pointed star symbol, which is the male and female heart symbols merged together. Although this symbol has come to represent the Jewish faith to many people, it has a more multi-dimensional meaning than any one religion can place upon it. This will lead to the harmony between male and female principles on this planet, and a synthesis between what previously appeared to be opposing forces.

The Global Enlightenment Network is a telepathic communications network for the promotion of a harmonic humanity.

The Heart Chakra Vibration & the Awakening Human

Humanity Emerges as the Heart Chakra Vibration

The Christ consciousness is the expression of the fully activated and mature 4th chakra or heart chakra. It is not related to a particular person, deity, or religion, but instead refers to a comprehensive vibration or energy that is penetrating deeper into the earth plane at this time. It is simultaneously being produced by the resonance of an increasing number of awakening humans; an awakening that is being logarithmically stimulated by synchronistic changes taking place in the human anatomy, biology, neurology and energy system. The Christ consciousness is the expression of the fully activated and mature 4th chakra or heart chakra. Ultimately a fully awakened humanity itself will become the heart center of a multidimensional spiritual hierarchy.

The Christ consciousness is the emergence of the harmonically tuned, expressed humanity interfacing seamlessly with the sub and supra-spiritual dimensions. As human beings awaken and transform consciousness, and as a result become receptive to higher frequencies, they will simultaneously produce a 4th chakra reality. This is a reality of listening, compassion, and harmonic relations.

The development of the heart chakra currently taking place is the result of acceleration of all the chakras, the kundalini, and the maturity of the semi-permeable mebranous energy body. This causes systems to open and resonate at higher frequencies, creating a shift in the paradigm of relationships. As a result, rigid non-permeable energy separating borders between racial, ethnic and religious will soften and merge, creating a symphonic resonance across the human, animal and earth (mineral) planes.

The heart chakra actually reached vibrational maturity over 2000 years ago in linear earth time, however, the impact of this shift did not fully translate into human awareness. The partial reception, and in many cases the distortion of the information created by this transformation caused many misunderstandings, much suffering, and the blind acceptance of imposed power grabbing superstitions. This resulted in centuries of misused power and a painful destructive time on the earth. 

Inaccurate reception of the mature heart vibration occurred for the following reasons:

  • The human physiology and energy system had not developed enough to accommodate these frequencies and the information they carried.

  • The human emotional/belief system had been stuck in the development of a patriarchal power matrix and a logical, linear explanation of reality.

  • The vibrational body and its abstract information processing capabilities were not fully functional as the dominant system of the human being.

Evolved Heart Chakra

Evolved Heart Chakra


The heart chakra that most people are familiar with is in the center of the chest. This is actually only one part of the heart center. This is the male aspect. Until now, the female part has been veiled, even from those with chairvoyant sight. The female heart center is located at the manubrium (the upper part of the sternum) and energizes the thymus gland. As more people awaken and accept resonsibility for what they input to the consciousness grid, the female aspect of the heart center will be revealed. This will accelerate the effect of the female principle. 

As changes take place in the biological and vibrational bodies, the energies of the male and female aspects will begin to merge, synthesize, and produce a mass awakening of the Christ consciousness. Borders will become more permeable, allowing seamless exchange as humans realize the symphonic connection of all peoples. Humanity will collectively realize its right relation with the earth and its resources, and an era of enlightened governance will begin on earth. 

Insight to this process and its effect has been the original basis of all spiritual practices (eventually called religion within the non-permeable linear patriarchal mono-heart matrix).

We invite you to download the audio "Energy Body Expansion and listen to it while meditating on this topic. We welcome you to share your experiences below.