mass consciousness

Conscious Evolution: Make up Your Mind to Wake up Your Mind

Evolution is an ongoing process of which we can be a conscious participant.  Your body is not a static thing;  your body is an evolving system with complex energetic components that are accelerating in their development at this time.  This process can be stimulated by conscious involvement of the mind.  Learning to activate and regulate this evolutionary process is healthful, relaxing, creative, and just plain fun.  If you find yourself bored with regular activities and discouraged about the state of the so called real world, you may want to take advantage of the opportunities Outernet can bring to your life.  It is up to you to make up your mind to wake up your mind, and be a part of conscious evolution.

The Global Enlightenment Network can enrich your life in many ways.

We all want to live in a more peaceful world, we all want to live in a more loving world.  But all around us is evidence of fear, greed, anger, conflict and violence.  The Enlightenment Network is a forum where awakening individuals can learn to use their life force for the co-creation of a heart-centered world, and take responsibility for directing our evolution in ways that are self-sustainable, inspirational, and joyful.

People use the telepathic web for many things, including:  

  • social, environmental & political activism
  • spiritual connection
  • self-development
  • healing & stress reduction
  • entertainment!

This expanded frequency network is a powerful vehicle for transformative change, and is also gaining popularity as a new form of healthful entertainment.  The telepathic web holds a vast and barely tapped potential for creating solutions to many of the challenges (war, economic meltdown, ecological destruction) that face us today.  

Remember when the internet seemed like a pie-in-the-sky idea? 

The Enlightenment Network might seem like a strange and unusual thing to some, but to many people it makes complete sense.  It offers a forum for personal and global transformation that is refreshing, inspiring, and tremendously exciting.  It is going to take ideas that are out of our comfort zone to bring about real change in our world.

The Enlightenment Network is the most potent opportunity for the awakening population to stimulate the evolution of mass consciousness.

We all are looking for ways to improve ourselves and our world, and here is an incredibly unique, evolutionary, original communications system that provides great leverage for change while increasing health.  Instead of feeling exhausted and hopeless trying to push change through at the dense level of the present mass media and political system, the telepathic web offers people tools to exert leverage from a higher frequency platform.  Using less effort, your 'vote' can be registered easily and with great effectiveness.