operating system

Empowering the Evolution of Consciousness

Let's Think Bigger We can think bigger than we have been.  Really outside the proverbial box.  Why limit ourselves to ideas that are familiar?  The biotechnology of your own body can provide the most accurate, safe, and transformative communication choice available.  This can be used to accelerate the evolution of human society into one of love and peace, rather than fear-based polarity and violence.  

Not only are many of the answers you seek in the palms of your hands, they are actually in the molecules of your whole body.  The Global Enlightenment Network offers tools for stimulating the conscious evolution of your developing energy system, and using these capabilities for personal and global transformation.    

Upgrade Your Operating System

Many people rush to get the latest in every phone & operating system upgrade that unfolds, and spend quite a bit of money and time to use these technologies.  These systems of communication are precursors, metaphors really, of our potential for something truly innovative.  Instead of using an external device to connect with other people and information around the planet, you can learn to develop and utilize your own body for this purpose.  In fact, you probably already do this sometimes, but it is mainly unconscious and unrecognized.

Telepathy is Practical & Safe

Telepathy is a practical form of communication that uses the rapidly developing energy system of our body to transmit and receive many forms of information.  There are specific, safe, and reliable steps you can take to learn to use this biotechnology.  And just like using a phone or the internet, you also learn simple things to do to protect your information and privacy.  In fact, it can be easier to take care of privacy with telepathy, because you have more intimate control over how you share your information.  It is internally regulated by you, not by an outside company or network.

As more and more people activate their own developing light body and use it for personal & global empowerment, the evolution of consciousness is exponentially accelerated.  

How Does it Work?

You need to use specific, replicable steps to connect to the Global Enlightenment Network. Instead of hooking up through an electrical connection (like when you go on the internet), you learn unique meditative exercises that teach you how to expand and adjust your energy body in order to go ‘online’ telepathically.  Your own body’s energy system becomes the direct interface to the telepathic web.  Communication can occur directly without intermediate devices, like cell phones or computers.  And it is free, faster than 4G, and fun!

We offer a wide array of guided meditation audios and videos that provide clear directions to operate on the telepathic web effectively and safely. These unique energetic exercises have been developed for over 30 years.