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Your Soul Positioning System (SPS): The Physiology Behind Inner Guidance

Your Soul Positioning System (SPS) & Inner Guidance

Most people use GPS on their phone or in their car when navigating to different locations. Everyone also has a personal GPS in their own body. It operates through a part of the nervous system called the proprioceptive system. Think of it as your own personal positioning system, or soul positioning system. Your SPS. This is the physiological mechanism behind what many people call the inner guidance system.

Where am I?!*?! 

Where am I?!*?! 


The proprioceptive system generally works unconsciously to maintain alignment of the body structure by adjusting the tension/relaxation of the tendons, ligaments and tissues of the body. It operates through the muscles spindle fibers and golgi tendon organs. There are specific techniques to activate the proprioceptive system. This leads to a growing capability to consciously monitor and maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment.

'Why haven't I ever heard of the proprioceptive system before?' you may be wondering. Somehow it has not been a common part of our education about physiology. It is acknowledged in medical textbooks, but there is little information about how it operates. It is not given much attention, except by some branches of physical therapy. Saul Goodman began working extensively with this system over 25 years ago. He has identified specific ways that this part of the physiology can be activated and how this can to enhance health, development, and life direction.


Managing the SPS

GEN exercises have the unique attribute of identifying how to activate proprioceptive activity.  This expands the frequencies of your body. It will not be a question of whether or not you will be able to relax enough, or quiet down enough, or have just the right setting. The guess work is removed. Now you will have access to a reliable, replicable method of activating the part of your nervous system that opens the door to an expanded perception of reality.

People can activate this part of their system in other ways, and sometimes do, usually inadvertently.... but now you can do it on purpose. It won't be a fleeting perchance event that you hope against all odds will return, especially when you are needing it desperately! It will be a consciously stimulated experience that you can instigate, regulate, and conclude however you like.

When you expand your frequencies, you have access to other dimensions of information that are usually not available.  The information is not anchored in this dimension. It has the potential to bypass many of the emotional and psychological filters and beliefs that are dominating certain layers of our vibrational body. In addition to accessing new information, learning to expand the body BEFORE perceiving opens different understandings of that information as well.

Learning to work with the proprioceptive system has so many benefits. The process itself is usually very enjoyable and relaxing. It will also bring you into a vibrational range that offers you the capability to affect change in your life and the world around you with much more ease and much more leverage. Working to adjust our personal frequencies first is the key to using your own inner transformations for enacting more consciousness in our world. When you work with this concept through your physiology it becomes more than a concept. It becomes a practical tool that can be applied to this plane of reality. You can experience the fulfillment of contributing in an effective way from the comfort of wherever you are, whenever you want.


Expanded Perceptions = Expanded Experiences

As people learn to activate and regulate this part of their developing physiology, it will have potent impacts on our perceptions and behavior. Expanded perception leads to expanded experiences. There is more potential for greater understanding between peoples, less fear, more compassion, and access to solutions that previously were unavailable. Things can shift very quickly when higher frequencies of information begin to influence the playing field of our planet.

Imagine being totally lost in the wilderness in a foreign country without even a map. You are on foot.  You have no water, no food, no shoes. Suddenly another person appears. They hand you new hiking boots and other supplies to help you be more comfortable. You are fed. They put a cell phone in your hands. Then a car appears that has a full tank of gas and you know how to drive it.  Will you suddenly be enjoying the situation more? Will you be able to figure out where you are, where you need to go, and have the ability to get there?

soul alignment proprioceptive

Activating your proprioceptive system has this kind of effect. It becomes a powerful tool to help guide you through life with greater ease,comfort and understanding. More courage, compassion and pleasure become a regular part of your experiences because the part of you that has a greater perception of your life activities and direction is leading you; your inner guidance is turned on. This is a much smoother way to operate. Instead of your personality at the wheel, your soul has moved into the driver's seat.


Learning GEN Exercises

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Feeling the Energy Body Part III: Slow Motion Movement

This is the third part of a series called "Feeling Your Energy Body."

GEN exercises go through a unique process of sensitizing and activating the human energy system for better health, and for participation on the worldwide telepathic web. This short video will take you through the third step to sensitize your awareness of your energy body. It involves going through some simple movements in slow motion.

The information in the video can provide many benefits:

  1. It is a tool for personal health & relaxation
  2. It can enhance meditative practices you may already do
  3. It can be used as a step to expand into GEN activities if you choose


    Moving in slow motion stimulates activity of the body’s proprioceptive system. This is the part of our nervous system that monitors and maintains alignment. It also detects motion within the body and outside the body.

    By linking our consciousness to proprioceptive activity, we become aware of a whole dimension that we were not aware of before. We notice sensations that formerly did not register in the conscious mind. It is through the proprioceptive awareness that we first detect the energy body, see auric vibrations and receive telepathic information. This eventually evolves into a proprioceptive awareness that improves the quality of daily living.

    When the proprioceptive awareness is activated in this way, proprioception can be used to create alignment in space and time not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. It becomes easier to discern the true life direction from the integrated dimension of the soul.

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