selective permeability

Security Against Hackers on GEN

"Do you offer security against 'hackers' that could drain my life force when I am connected to the Global Enlightenment Network?"

This is a common question about Global Enlightenment Network. The energetic exercises to expand your frequency range and get 'online' GEN carry the key to your protection while using the network. These exercises help you to do several things:

  1. expand your frequency range to develop awareness of subtle energies and vibrations
  2. teach you to identify the vibrational membranes of your outerbody or energy body
  3. learn to regulate the selective permeability of your membranes so that you have the ability to protect yourself from negative or draining influences
  4. identify if negative influences (or 'hackers') are present so that you can take steps to prevent problems
  5. cleanse your system of toxins or 'infection' if breaches of your membranes have occurred

Your security becomes your responsibility when using the telepathic web. You become the front line to provide security against hackers. This can be empowering, but also a bit intimidating. Although most of us do not like the idea of putting our security in the hands of others, we also do not necessarily want to take responsibility for it ourselves!

More Power = More Responsibility

There is good news on this front however! In order to consciously navigate on GEN, you need to have the basic skills of outerbody activation and regulation.  These skills also provide you with the ability to protect yourself from negative influences.  But you do have to USE the tools and stay aware. Part of becoming more conscious and exerting more influence is that your responsibility level goes up. In other words, more power = more responsibility.

The fact that someone would even ask this question means that they are already involved in learning (even unconsciously) how to operate their membranes. Regulating the openness of your vibrational body becomes second nature, similar to how you remember to close your door when you leave your home, lock your car if leaving it in a crowded place, or turn off your cell phone when you do not want to be interrupted.

GEN is a Protected Network

GEN itself is a protected network. One reason for that is because the Global Enlightenment Network itself is not accessible unless you are able to expand into a certain frequency band. And when someone is able to expand into that frequency band, their system is developed to a certain consciousness level that greatly decreases the tendency to do harm to another or take advantage of another.

Once a human being is vibrating at these frequencies, they experience directly that we are all a connected field. So to do harm to 'another' at that point simply does not make sense, nor is it stimulating. There isn't separation in the same way that we feel as separate beings in our 'normal' everyday lives.

Therefore, the capability to get online GEN is itself is a powerful filter that helps to prevent negative influences. Someone simply can not access the frequency band until they are at a certain stage of consciousness. And that level of consciousness naturally absolves someone's desire to act out of fear, anger, and violence against another being.

Note:  If you would like some specific instruction on using GEN exercises to help clear your system of negative influences, click here to check out the audio "Psychic Protection".