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Security Against Hackers on GEN

"Do you offer security against 'hackers' that could drain my life force when I am connected to the Global Enlightenment Network?"

This is a common question about Global Enlightenment Network. The energetic exercises to expand your frequency range and get 'online' GEN carry the key to your protection while using the network. These exercises help you to do several things:

  1. expand your frequency range to develop awareness of subtle energies and vibrations
  2. teach you to identify the vibrational membranes of your outerbody or energy body
  3. learn to regulate the selective permeability of your membranes so that you have the ability to protect yourself from negative or draining influences
  4. identify if negative influences (or 'hackers') are present so that you can take steps to prevent problems
  5. cleanse your system of toxins or 'infection' if breaches of your membranes have occurred

Your security becomes your responsibility when using the telepathic web. You become the front line to provide security against hackers. This can be empowering, but also a bit intimidating. Although most of us do not like the idea of putting our security in the hands of others, we also do not necessarily want to take responsibility for it ourselves!

More Power = More Responsibility

There is good news on this front however! In order to consciously navigate on GEN, you need to have the basic skills of outerbody activation and regulation.  These skills also provide you with the ability to protect yourself from negative influences.  But you do have to USE the tools and stay aware. Part of becoming more conscious and exerting more influence is that your responsibility level goes up. In other words, more power = more responsibility.

The fact that someone would even ask this question means that they are already involved in learning (even unconsciously) how to operate their membranes. Regulating the openness of your vibrational body becomes second nature, similar to how you remember to close your door when you leave your home, lock your car if leaving it in a crowded place, or turn off your cell phone when you do not want to be interrupted.

GEN is a Protected Network

GEN itself is a protected network. One reason for that is because the Global Enlightenment Network itself is not accessible unless you are able to expand into a certain frequency band. And when someone is able to expand into that frequency band, their system is developed to a certain consciousness level that greatly decreases the tendency to do harm to another or take advantage of another.

Once a human being is vibrating at these frequencies, they experience directly that we are all a connected field. So to do harm to 'another' at that point simply does not make sense, nor is it stimulating. There isn't separation in the same way that we feel as separate beings in our 'normal' everyday lives.

Therefore, the capability to get online GEN is itself is a powerful filter that helps to prevent negative influences. Someone simply can not access the frequency band until they are at a certain stage of consciousness. And that level of consciousness naturally absolves someone's desire to act out of fear, anger, and violence against another being.

Note:  If you would like some specific instruction on using GEN exercises to help clear your system of negative influences, click here to check out the audio "Psychic Protection".

How do I use the Global Enlightenment Network?

 If you are interested in the idea of a telepathic network, there is a good chance you are actually already involved unconsciously in these activities.  Like any new skill, it takes some study and playful experimentation to grow adept on the Enlightenment Network.  But even with a small amount of practice almost everyone can have effective and creative experiences.

Try out these basic directions if you:

    • want to get more clear in your life
    • desire to affect a social, political, or environmental situation
    • are in the mood for healthy, life promoting entertainment
    • yearn to direct your creativity in meaningful ways
    • enjoy listening and learning from original sources of information

So many people are craving ways to improve the world, develop themselves, promote love and peace, and enjoy their life.  The Global Enlightenment Network is an empowering opportunity for all of us to experience incredible leverage, and we welcome you to try it out.

The Network is for Everyone

The Global Enlightenment Network is a telepathic communications network for personal, community, & global consciousness development.  Many people think the concept of it is great, but feel a bit intimidated to actually try to use it.   It is not complicated, but it does take an open mind and a little bit of practice to gain the ability to 'get online' and navigate effectively.

The good news is that if you follow some very basic directions, you are not going to hurt yourself or anyone else as you are learning;  you just will not be able to input or interpret much information very effectively.


1. Activate Your Energy Body

The energy body (sometimes called the outerbody or aura) is a functional energy system which is currently accelerating in its evolutionary development.  It is a bioplasmic extension of your physical body that consists of many layers of vibrational life force.  It merges with, nourishes, and protects your physical form.  Your organs, bones, muscles, glands, etc. all derive their life force from the activity of your energy body.

Even though this layer of you is not visible to most people, it has very specific functions and activities. Just thinking about this layer of your body begins to stimulate it.  Sitting quietly and putting some attention on the space surrounding your physical body helps to activate your energy body even more.

Take some slow, conscious breaths, and feel your skin and the space around it.  If you have any sensation of pressure or numbness on your skin, or notice that the border of your skin begins to feel a bit 'blurry', then the process of activating your energy body has already begun.


2. Follow Your Attention

When you contemplate things you would like to influence or learn from in your personal reality and/or the global landscape in this more expanded state, notice where your attention goes.  It might go to a personal relationship, an environmental issue, or a political figure.  Perhaps your attention will go to an animal or plant, a crystal, a planet, the sound of an insect, water....  Wherever your attention goes, follow it.


3. Your Imagination IS the Action

INPUT INFORMATION ~  If you find yourself focused on something you would like to affect, imagine how you would like it to be, or the direction you would like to see things move.  Then register your conscious 'vote' while in this expanded state.  Voting telepathically requires a simple casting of your so called ballot with your thought - it is that simple.

At first you may not feel that this is effective because you can't put your hands on it directly.  But casting your vote in this way actually can carry more clout than an actual voting booth, board meeting or political march.  One indication that you are really connecting with a person(s) is that you will fell a sort of 'click' when your thought/intention goes towards them.

RECEIVE INFORMATION ~ You may want to also relax and listen to information flowing towards you that may help you understand other points of view on the situation and bring more synthesis into the dynamic. If you find your attention drawn to a life form, nature element, sound, color, gemstone, etc.  let yourself relax and let any impressions and sensations penetrate your field.  Experience whatever flows through you without trying to interpret it.

The Global Enlightenment Network is a frequency band full of information (just like the internet!) that can enrich your life in many ways.  When your energy body is expanded you can tap into this library and 'read' different swaths of material for learning and entertainment.


4. Logging Off

If at any point you feel any fear or discomfort, or you feel finished with your activities, bring your attention back to sensations of your physical body:  your bones, your skin, your breath, your feet, etc.  This automatically  begins to contract your outerbody back in, so that your membranes become more closed again.

Contracting your energy body by focusing on your physical form allows you to get off the network when you are finished working/playing there.  It is like getting off the internet by closing your browser.

The Power of Telepathy

Mental activity, i.e. thinking, occurs at a higher vibration than emotions or physical material.  It is quite radiatory, and can cut like a laser beam through more dense layers of our reality.  This is why people say our thoughts are so powerful, and why so many New Age and holistic practitioners say we can affect our life with our thoughts.


Our thoughts travel around much of the time telepathically, but often without specific focus or accuracy.  When we expand the outerbody first, and then begin to work with thoughts consciously, mental focus, positive affirmations and visualizations have much more power to affect conditions.  Like tuning into a certain radio station, you are 'tuning' your body to align more specifically with the frequency of telepathic communication. In an expanded state, your mental activity is more aligned with your emotional and physical layers.

All of these vibrational layers are also penetrating deeply into your body, merging into your cells.  Your energy body is not just on the 'outside' of your physical form, it merges deeply through all the layers of your organs, muscles, ligaments, glands, blood, bones, etc.  When your energy body is expanded and you  'think,' your whole system is more aligned with the thinking, and the thoughts have a very different amount of life force thrusting forth along with them.

Like a rocket with a powerful booster, the thoughts can now catapult into a new realm of frequency, thus travelling further and more accurately.