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Create Reality Effectively

Thoughts Create Reality We have all heard the adage, 'thoughts create reality.'  It has become a commonly accepted concept that many people practice half-heartedly when they remember.  Often though, people get frustrated because the results are not always satisfactory or clear.  The reason for this is that certain conditions need to be present in order for that truth to operate effectively and consciously in this dimension.

Mental activity is vibrational, more similar to an electrical current than a dense object moving through space.  Thoughts are not flying around with form immediately as you think them.  They also have a radiatory quality, tending to disperse outward from their source, transmitting information into the collective field.  In order for thoughts to manifest into concrete mass, there has to be enough force and focus behind them to bring them into condensation.



Alignment is the Key

There are many ways in which you can organize your physical body, emotions, and energy body in order to increase the power of your thoughts.  When thoughts have a relaxed physical body as their 'home base,' and one that is consciously set up to broadcast and receive information, then they will travel through the fabric of space-time with focus and strength not previously available.

You may have read and used the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks, authors of the "Law of Attraction" and "Law of Deliberate Creation" books.  They give excellent processes of working with the emotions in order to give thoughts more power.  This kind of conscious management can be extended to all layers of our 'selves.'  When this is done, the power of a thought reaches its optimum focus.

Become a Laser Beam

Like a regular light focusing into a laser beam, your thoughts gain true directive force when your system is consciously aligned to promote this activity.  Thoughts springing from the mind of an unconsciously organized person are quite different than if they are coming from someone who has consciously aligned their system for transmission.  Here is a definition of how laser light differs from ordinary light:

"Laser light is very different from the kind of light that a regular lamp gives off. Ordinary light photons are emitted without any pattern but laser light is organized in a coherent manner so that each photon follows the same course as the other, like well-trained troops marching. Additionally, ordinary light is diffused without specific direction unlike light from a laser, which is compact and directional with a tight beam. Laser light is monochromatic (all one color) because it is all one wavelength as determined by the amount of energy released."  (from the website http://curiosity.com/HowStuffWorks).

You can learn how to organize your own physical and energetic system in order to turn your thoughts into 'lasers' rather than regular light.  This enhances your ability to create a reality that is in alignment with your true desires, your deepest yearnings.  Instead of becoming distorted and depleted by your and others' physical, emotional, and mental stress patterns, your thoughts gain an ability to cut through these compressed matrixes that have locked human behavior in some very painful patterns for a long time.

We provides unique tools for learning how to optimize your body/mind/spirit for creating the reality you want.

It is important to learn how to activate and regulate the many layers of 'you' in order to optimize the power of your thoughts.  Enlightenment Network tools are great for your health, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual development as well.  You can use the telepathic web ,and the tools necessary for logging onto it, for relationships, creativity, world work, political activism, entertainment..... you name it, you can probably use the Enlightenment Network for it.

The telepathic web is a higher frequency version of the internet, and it there for you to use whenever you choose to 'log on' and enjoy all it can offer you.  Learning how to consciously align the layers of your being is what will give your thoughts their optimal power.  This then allows you to begin the entertaining and healthy activity of using it to create the world in which you want to live.

So go ahead, don't just 'put your thinking cap on'..... organize it!

The Heart Chakra Vibration & the Awakening Human

Humanity Emerges as the Heart Chakra Vibration

The Christ consciousness is the expression of the fully activated and mature 4th chakra or heart chakra. It is not related to a particular person, deity, or religion, but instead refers to a comprehensive vibration or energy that is penetrating deeper into the earth plane at this time. It is simultaneously being produced by the resonance of an increasing number of awakening humans; an awakening that is being logarithmically stimulated by synchronistic changes taking place in the human anatomy, biology, neurology and energy system. The Christ consciousness is the expression of the fully activated and mature 4th chakra or heart chakra. Ultimately a fully awakened humanity itself will become the heart center of a multidimensional spiritual hierarchy.

The Christ consciousness is the emergence of the harmonically tuned, expressed humanity interfacing seamlessly with the sub and supra-spiritual dimensions. As human beings awaken and transform consciousness, and as a result become receptive to higher frequencies, they will simultaneously produce a 4th chakra reality. This is a reality of listening, compassion, and harmonic relations.

The development of the heart chakra currently taking place is the result of acceleration of all the chakras, the kundalini, and the maturity of the semi-permeable mebranous energy body. This causes systems to open and resonate at higher frequencies, creating a shift in the paradigm of relationships. As a result, rigid non-permeable energy separating borders between racial, ethnic and religious will soften and merge, creating a symphonic resonance across the human, animal and earth (mineral) planes.

The heart chakra actually reached vibrational maturity over 2000 years ago in linear earth time, however, the impact of this shift did not fully translate into human awareness. The partial reception, and in many cases the distortion of the information created by this transformation caused many misunderstandings, much suffering, and the blind acceptance of imposed power grabbing superstitions. This resulted in centuries of misused power and a painful destructive time on the earth. 

Inaccurate reception of the mature heart vibration occurred for the following reasons:

  • The human physiology and energy system had not developed enough to accommodate these frequencies and the information they carried.

  • The human emotional/belief system had been stuck in the development of a patriarchal power matrix and a logical, linear explanation of reality.

  • The vibrational body and its abstract information processing capabilities were not fully functional as the dominant system of the human being.

Evolved Heart Chakra

Evolved Heart Chakra


The heart chakra that most people are familiar with is in the center of the chest. This is actually only one part of the heart center. This is the male aspect. Until now, the female part has been veiled, even from those with chairvoyant sight. The female heart center is located at the manubrium (the upper part of the sternum) and energizes the thymus gland. As more people awaken and accept resonsibility for what they input to the consciousness grid, the female aspect of the heart center will be revealed. This will accelerate the effect of the female principle. 

As changes take place in the biological and vibrational bodies, the energies of the male and female aspects will begin to merge, synthesize, and produce a mass awakening of the Christ consciousness. Borders will become more permeable, allowing seamless exchange as humans realize the symphonic connection of all peoples. Humanity will collectively realize its right relation with the earth and its resources, and an era of enlightened governance will begin on earth. 

Insight to this process and its effect has been the original basis of all spiritual practices (eventually called religion within the non-permeable linear patriarchal mono-heart matrix).

We invite you to download the audio "Energy Body Expansion and listen to it while meditating on this topic. We welcome you to share your experiences below.